Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

The end is near.... just like every day

Hi everyone,
I'm amazed how incredibly well this picture describes my amount of work for this week. All I did was going to 2 meetings and installing a few updates on some computers. When this goes on like this..... Maybe, one day I can just stay at home and get paid without someone noticing it.
The perfect job, so to speak.
This is hopefully just a phase and will go over soon.
Not that you missunderstand me. I love doing nothing and get paid for it but at some point it just gets boring. I mean, I'm not standing up every morning just to try to stay awake at a workplace where I have nothing to do.
Programming skills are slowly improving. I don't need any of the pdf-files my teacher gave me, where all basic commands are written down (well, most of the time).
I also made a coin tossing program. Nothing special in the first place but I also made a coin tossing program where you will win always in a 2-out-of-3 contest. You want it? Here  take it.
Back to work.... oh wait.

Bye :D


  1. lol get me a job at where you're working!

  2. Oh and also after looking at your code, you're using C header files with C++.

    The C++ versions of the C standard library header files are prefixed with "C" and don't have .h at the end.

    so instead of time.h you have ctime

    also, always initialize your variables, always.

    1. thank you, i didnt know that :D
      always good to have constructive feedback