Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

Storytime! (oh god, please let there be muffins)

Hi everyone,

Today is monday and Im in the mood of telling you a little tale. Its an old one but I think its rather funny when you have the right sense of humor for it.
So, lets beginn:
A long, long time ago, there lived a young man in a little village far of any decent civilication. Even through he lifed a simple life, it was filled with happiness and joy every day. But one day a dark shadow came over the village of the young man. He knew that nothing good could come from that so he locked himself inside his house to wait till the shadow dissapeared and prayed to god that nothing happens to the one he cares about.
After hours of deafening thunder, bright lightning and thousand liters of rain it stopped finally. As the sun came through the cloudy sky and the young man slowly looked outside, he was shocked as he sees what enormous damage the storm did. His house, destroyed. His friends, lost. He had nothing more to life for.

Well, funny story isnt it? You dont think so? Maybe I should tell the story with some more background information.... Lets try this.

A long, long time ago, (last Thursday) there lived a young man (thats me) in a little village far of any decent civilication (that describes my little village i life in pretty good). Even through he lifed a simple life (I have only a 3Kbit/sec internet connection), it was filled with happiness and joy every day (3Kbit/sec is not bad and i have had worse). But one day a dark shadow (goddamn storm) came over the village of the young man. He knew that nothing good could come from that (would not have been the first time a storm kills my pc or interent connection for a few days) so he locked himself inside his house (start some downloads before the worst case szenario happens) to wait till the shadow dissapeared and prayed to god that nothing happens to the one he cares about(please god, please dont take my internet away T.T ).
After hours of deafening thunder, bright lightning and thousand liters of rain (maybe not that bad but it was quite a storm there) it stopped finally. As the sun came through the cloudy sky and the young man slowly looked outside (open browser -> -> site cannot be found, please check your internet connection -> FUCK!), he was shocked as he sees what enormous damage the storm did. His house, destroyed(my porn downloads, aborted). His friends, lost (i played LoL with some friends over teamspeak as the thunder killed my router). He had nothing more to life for. (maybe not that dramtic but it was a shitty situation without internet.... again)

Is it funny now? Well, If you laugh when other people suffer or (in my situation) have a sense of dark humor, then yes, it is funny :D .... more or less :/

Anyway, I hope my internet provider sends a new router soon so I dont have to use my lunch time at work to write my posts and look at other blogs.
Thats it for now. Mekkor out!


Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

League of Legends Champion suggestions - today: Nasus

Hi everyone,

yeah, its that time again. Its Wednesday and my motivation is so low that my creativity went on a short holiday for 2 days. Lets hope that i still remember how to drive my car, or at least be motivated enough to drive home. There are more things that would need my motivation to get home from work but im not motivated enough to think about those things now. I'll do it later... maybe.

Anyway, today I'll introduce another champion from the free-to-play MMO League of Legends to you.

Todays Champion is:

Nasus, The Curator of the Sands

Nasus is a tanky melee Champion who can theoretically do infinite normal damage with only one attack and is an exellent counterpick for attack speed based carrys.

Lets get right to his skills

passive skill - Soul Eater:
Soul Eater gives you a passive life steal ability to all your normal attacks. The lifesteal reaches it maximum at lv11 which is 20% of your normal damage. 

Q Skill - Siphoning Strike:
When you activated the skill, your next basic attack will do bonus damage to the enemy. When you kill something with ityou get +3 bonus damage. More last hits = more bonus damage

W Skill - Wither:
You can cast this on an enemy to slow his movement speed and attack speed for a short time. This skill is the strongest slow in the whole game.

E Skill - Spirit Fire:
It creates an area where all enemys get damage over time and their normal & magic resistance is decreased.

R Skill (Ultimate) - Fury of the Sands:
Nasus gets bonus health, gains procentual more damage based on the enemys health and deals nearby enemys magic damage also based on their health.

Now to some pros and cons of nasus:

- when he can farm his q Skill a lot, he is an incrdible strong melee champion.
- theoretically there is no limit for the bonus damage on his Q Skill so he can theoretically pump it up to infinity
-Nasus needs almost no damage items and can get a lot of tanky items and still does a ton of damage
-thanks to his W skill the opponent carry, who is most likely a damage dealer that needs attack speed, is rather useless in a team fight.
-His Ultimate can be used to gain temporally some health to survive an attack or to damage nearby enemys in a team fight
-thanls to some previous patches he can now jungle, too

-when he couldnt farm his Q Skill, he is rather weak
-He is a melee champion and can only slow one champion so he cant escape a teamfight so easily
-at the beginning he is an easy target for harrasing and if he cant heal hisself through attacks he is rather useless
- no mana is the death for nasus on the long term because he cant last hit minions with his Q Spell and so he gets no permanent bonus damage

Some last words of mine:
Nasus is a good allround champion. Thanks to his Q Spell combined with some items, he is most likely best on a solo lane to farm minions with his Q Spell. He is a late game champion so you should hold back at first a little. Nasus also needs no damage items so you can go on survivability. With that he is, after some farm, almost unbeatable in a 1on1 fight and a great damage dealer in a team fight.
When you have the pleasure to play against him, i would recomment to buy something like "Thornmail" and some health items if you think you cant survive against him long enough.

Thats it for now

Bye :D

Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

music in my head

Hi everyone,
*taking out the green marker and marks the whole last week*
Yup, another week successfully wasted! Actually, most of my calendar looks green till now but I plan on doing something productive in a month or two.

Anyway, I've got some really gooooood music for you and I'll make the infos short so you can enjoy the music ;D

The band is called Eluveitie, it has 9 members, they come from Switzerland and are a Pagan, Folk & Celtic Metal band (not everyones taste but I think they sound awesome).

Nuv said. Now listen and enjoy >:D

Eluveitie - Kingdom come undone

Eluveitie - Inis Mona

Bye :D

Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

If you're a father and did nothing, clap your hands

Hi everyone,

Big news incoming! I am a father now! Yes, its true. Im so happy right now, I cant describe it :D

Everything has gone so fast, I couldn't really realize it. I remeber it as if it would have happend yesterday when I went with my female flatmate shopping for our new apartment stuff and now *PENG* suddenly we both hold our beautiful little girl in our hands.

 At current time, we cant go in our future apartment because the previous tenant has some problems moving out so our girl has to wait for like 2 weeks in my friends barn but I think she's ok with that. At night it might get down to 5°C but Im sure she can take it.

Her name is Katja and even through she is newly born, she is already 65cm big ( =25,6 inches) and weighs around 50kg ( =100 lbs). She has white skin, no hairs (well she is newly born), the eyes of her mother and.... I cant describe her beauty so just have a look at this picture of her :D

Isnt she beautiful? Man, that was a torture to get that baby into the van. (somehow this sounds pedophil......)
Finding the right name for her was also a rather uncommon situation.
Me and my flatmate where sitting at the McDonalds after we finally got her and thought about a good name for her. After several proposals that didnt really fit her apperiance, I had the perfect plan. I just asked a little girl, who sat right next to us what her name is and *PENG* we've got a name for our baby.

If you didnt look at the picture of her and calling the police right now.... Lets just say that this might be an amusing situation you are going to have.

Bye :D

Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

work out for the weak and lazy ones

Hi everyone,

do you know that feeling when you look at yourself and think:
"you could use some sport to get rid of some fat"?

Actually I'm not fat, Im...wiry?
Somehow thin with some muscles but with some fat around my belly, you know.
I just have no sixpack what I somehow always wanted to have (at least once).

A friend of mine started to work every 2 days around 2 months ago. He really grew some big muscles and I had the thought of working out with him a couple of times. But in the end I always find a reason why I dont do it. Not enough time, no money, Im moving out so then I'll live to far away... and so on.

Someday, when im fat enough, my motivation is low enough and my dignity dropped with my motivation, I'll buy this

Bye :D

Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

League of Legends Champion suggestions - today: Cassiopeia

Hi everyone,

well, today is one of those days where I have absolutely no plan on what I should write about. When you remember my last post, I also told you I'll write about the game League of Legends when I'm to lazy/stupid to think of any other subject.

In that case I want to tell you about a certain champion each time I have this idea blocking state of mind.
For everyone that doesnt know about LoL.... just skip from here till the end of the post and comment something like "nice" or "cool" ;D

I think I start with my favourite champion:

Cassiopeia, the Serpent's Embrace

Cassiopeia is a ranged mage that poisons her opponens, can stun everyone in front of her and can spam her skills like no other champion.

Short  introducion into some of the shortcuts I use:

harras = throwing your skills at the enemy every few seconds
farmer = killing (a lot of) enemy mionions in a short time
Dot = Damage over time
aoe = area of effect
cc = croud control
feed = the champion gets a lot of kills so he gets a lot of money to buy better items (you see where this is going?)

Lets take a look at her skills:

passive skill - Deadly Cadence
after casting a spell, the following spell will cost 10% less mana. This goes upt to 50% less mana costs.

Q Skill - Noxious Blast
you cast a poisonous cloud at the location of your cursor and in a little area every enemy gets poisoned and damaged for 3 seconds. When you hit an enemy champion with that skill you get a temporary movement speed buff.

W Skill - Miasma
it looks like you vomit on the ground and cause a violett poudle of poison that damages and slows enemy units for a short time. The poudle also doubles in size over time and then fades away.

E Spell - Twin Fang 
 this is your main spell. You damage a nearby enemy instantly with this spell. When the enemy is poisoned and you hit him, the cooldown of this spell has only 0.5 seconds so you can cast it almost instantly again.

R Spell - Petrifying Gaze (ultimate)Your ultimate is an allround skill. You can interrupt enemys while casting, prefend enemys from getting away or you can use it to save your ass. When you cast it, every enemy in front of you gets a lot of damage and if he faces you, he gets stuned for 2 seconds.

Now some pros and cons about cassiopeia:

-awesome mid lane champ
-great harraser
-great farmer
-one of the strongest early/mid game champs
-has 2 skills to scout into bushes
-has 2 skills to poison the enemy
-can spam her E spell every 0.5seconds! when the enemy is poisoned
-has an aoe stun skill
-3 out of 4 skills are aoe effects so you can deal with multiple enemys at a time
-her passive allows you to spam her skills
-she is half snake, half woman

- once silenced she cant do anything (like every mage)
- slow movement speed
- low health compared to other mage champions
-when the enemy is not poisoned, your E spell is not that effective
-when your enemy doesnt face you while you use your ultimate, he is only slowed
-weak in end game when not feeded
-some cc in your face and you are dead
-when the enemy harrases you, you have big problems to survive thanks to your slow movement and low life

Last word because I wont post a guide to play her in here:
What I personally really like about cassiopeia is her ingame history. When she first came out, a lot of people bought her because her preview video looked awesome but they failed hard and called her totally useless because they where to stupid to play her.
Since then, every time riot changes something about her, its a benefit for her and still you dont see her much in any game.
She only got buffed and since the last time she was included in a patch its even easier to play her. I also like how often I get underestimated by other players and then totally kick their sorry asses because with only 2 items you can compare almost every negative side of her. You are also one of the strongest mid lane champs, she can farm like crazy thanks to her aoe skills and her ultimate is such a pain in the ass for the enemy team in a team fight.

Next time I wont talk about LoL... maybe

Bye :D

Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2011

the daily routine

Hi everyone,

did you notice that I start almost every post of mine with that "hi everyone"? Somehow I just cant start a post without saying hello, hi or welcome. But only saying "hello" seems a little short to me. With "hi everyone" I welcome everyone who looks at my post and its also longer than a simple "hello". Crazy shit....

Anyway, if you followed my blog for some time, you might have read that post
click me to see an older post of mine
and as you can assume from that post, I love playing League of Legends. And since my day looks kinda like this:

-waking up
-coming back home
-eat + small talk with family
-playing League of Legends for the rest of the day

I decided to talk about that game a little more. Dont worry, it will be just a post here and there if Im to lazy to think of something better. ^^

For everyone that doenst know that game, I advice to read some reviews about that game (not only mine. I love that game so my review will tell you only good things ;P), take a look and give it a try. Its free-to-play so the only thing you will waste is your time. Its also one of those rare free-to-play games where you really, really dont have to pay anything to be a good player.
If you dont know what Im talking about:
Almost every free-to-play game finances itself with items that you can buy online for that game. With those items you bought, you have a big advantage towards other players. And in most of those games you cant be a good player if you dont spend money for the game. The game forces you to buy the stuff so you can become better or else you will have big problems. It would be possible to make your way without said items but thats really hard. I wont say any game names.

Sure you can spend your money on League of Legends if you want to but the only thing you can buy are:
- extra skins so your champion looks different
- extra rune pages but you already got 2 from the beginnning and can buy extra pages with ingame money (IP-points) you earn for each game you complete
- new champions but every week there are 10 free to play champions and you can buy any champion with ingame money you earn for each game you complete. If you bought a champion he will be permanently unlocked. Also every newly released champion is free to play after 2 weeks for one week so you dont have to buy him if you can wait a little.

I'll upload some screenshot from games im proud of or where i just lost horribly ^^
Different subject:
Some of you adviced me to use gimp to make gifs. Someone also said I should upload the video but its not a video (maybe i should have said that). I just want to show some pictures in a row and dont want to make the post even bigger as it already gets. Now I only have to figure out, how to make gifs with gimp ^^

Bye :D

Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011


Hi everyone,

I dont know why but every week starts with an awkward moment for me. Maybe its bad karma, bad luck or some all mighty what-ever hates me every monday and tuesday.
All I did was sitting there at work and worked on a programm and like every morning around 11am I got really sleepy. Usually I drink an energy drink, walk for 5 minutes or eat something with sugar. But today I wanted to finish that project I was working on before 12 o'clock. And then it happend. I fall asleep for like 30 seconds. That was enough time for someone to walk into my room. He noticed I was sleeping, kicked my chair and said "we dont pay you for sleeping" and in all of my cleverness I answered without thinking "and I dont pay you for kicking my chair"..... fuck. Acutally I dont pay anyone in there so why the hell did I said that?
He left the room without saying anything and I realised that i felt asleep and what I said to him. Then the embarrassment came over me. But then I got that itchy feeling inside of my nose so I put my little finger in there as far as I could and tried to solve my problem.
In that very goddamn fuckin moment, the same person who woke me up, came around the corner, looked at me while I was scratching my brain through my nose, made a disgusted look and left the room.
I think I can never look that person in the eyes...

But now, the week can only get better. At least I hope so.

Anyway, Im working on a big post.
A really, really, super-duper-hyper big post.
A post, so incredible big that not even a "your mom is so fat...." joke can compete to that post.
A post, so unbelievable big that... well, I think you got it how big it will get. But I could use some animated pitcures for it. Does someone know a good program to make some gifs? Im to lazy to install half a dozen progams that may match my search on google but are plain crap in the end.

Bye :D