Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

Storytime! (oh god, please let there be muffins)

Hi everyone,

Today is monday and Im in the mood of telling you a little tale. Its an old one but I think its rather funny when you have the right sense of humor for it.
So, lets beginn:
A long, long time ago, there lived a young man in a little village far of any decent civilication. Even through he lifed a simple life, it was filled with happiness and joy every day. But one day a dark shadow came over the village of the young man. He knew that nothing good could come from that so he locked himself inside his house to wait till the shadow dissapeared and prayed to god that nothing happens to the one he cares about.
After hours of deafening thunder, bright lightning and thousand liters of rain it stopped finally. As the sun came through the cloudy sky and the young man slowly looked outside, he was shocked as he sees what enormous damage the storm did. His house, destroyed. His friends, lost. He had nothing more to life for.

Well, funny story isnt it? You dont think so? Maybe I should tell the story with some more background information.... Lets try this.

A long, long time ago, (last Thursday) there lived a young man (thats me) in a little village far of any decent civilication (that describes my little village i life in pretty good). Even through he lifed a simple life (I have only a 3Kbit/sec internet connection), it was filled with happiness and joy every day (3Kbit/sec is not bad and i have had worse). But one day a dark shadow (goddamn storm) came over the village of the young man. He knew that nothing good could come from that (would not have been the first time a storm kills my pc or interent connection for a few days) so he locked himself inside his house (start some downloads before the worst case szenario happens) to wait till the shadow dissapeared and prayed to god that nothing happens to the one he cares about(please god, please dont take my internet away T.T ).
After hours of deafening thunder, bright lightning and thousand liters of rain (maybe not that bad but it was quite a storm there) it stopped finally. As the sun came through the cloudy sky and the young man slowly looked outside (open browser -> -> site cannot be found, please check your internet connection -> FUCK!), he was shocked as he sees what enormous damage the storm did. His house, destroyed(my porn downloads, aborted). His friends, lost (i played LoL with some friends over teamspeak as the thunder killed my router). He had nothing more to life for. (maybe not that dramtic but it was a shitty situation without internet.... again)

Is it funny now? Well, If you laugh when other people suffer or (in my situation) have a sense of dark humor, then yes, it is funny :D .... more or less :/

Anyway, I hope my internet provider sends a new router soon so I dont have to use my lunch time at work to write my posts and look at other blogs.
Thats it for now. Mekkor out!


Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

League of Legends Champion suggestions - today: Nasus

Hi everyone,

yeah, its that time again. Its Wednesday and my motivation is so low that my creativity went on a short holiday for 2 days. Lets hope that i still remember how to drive my car, or at least be motivated enough to drive home. There are more things that would need my motivation to get home from work but im not motivated enough to think about those things now. I'll do it later... maybe.

Anyway, today I'll introduce another champion from the free-to-play MMO League of Legends to you.

Todays Champion is:

Nasus, The Curator of the Sands

Nasus is a tanky melee Champion who can theoretically do infinite normal damage with only one attack and is an exellent counterpick for attack speed based carrys.

Lets get right to his skills

passive skill - Soul Eater:
Soul Eater gives you a passive life steal ability to all your normal attacks. The lifesteal reaches it maximum at lv11 which is 20% of your normal damage. 

Q Skill - Siphoning Strike:
When you activated the skill, your next basic attack will do bonus damage to the enemy. When you kill something with ityou get +3 bonus damage. More last hits = more bonus damage

W Skill - Wither:
You can cast this on an enemy to slow his movement speed and attack speed for a short time. This skill is the strongest slow in the whole game.

E Skill - Spirit Fire:
It creates an area where all enemys get damage over time and their normal & magic resistance is decreased.

R Skill (Ultimate) - Fury of the Sands:
Nasus gets bonus health, gains procentual more damage based on the enemys health and deals nearby enemys magic damage also based on their health.

Now to some pros and cons of nasus:

- when he can farm his q Skill a lot, he is an incrdible strong melee champion.
- theoretically there is no limit for the bonus damage on his Q Skill so he can theoretically pump it up to infinity
-Nasus needs almost no damage items and can get a lot of tanky items and still does a ton of damage
-thanks to his W skill the opponent carry, who is most likely a damage dealer that needs attack speed, is rather useless in a team fight.
-His Ultimate can be used to gain temporally some health to survive an attack or to damage nearby enemys in a team fight
-thanls to some previous patches he can now jungle, too

-when he couldnt farm his Q Skill, he is rather weak
-He is a melee champion and can only slow one champion so he cant escape a teamfight so easily
-at the beginning he is an easy target for harrasing and if he cant heal hisself through attacks he is rather useless
- no mana is the death for nasus on the long term because he cant last hit minions with his Q Spell and so he gets no permanent bonus damage

Some last words of mine:
Nasus is a good allround champion. Thanks to his Q Spell combined with some items, he is most likely best on a solo lane to farm minions with his Q Spell. He is a late game champion so you should hold back at first a little. Nasus also needs no damage items so you can go on survivability. With that he is, after some farm, almost unbeatable in a 1on1 fight and a great damage dealer in a team fight.
When you have the pleasure to play against him, i would recomment to buy something like "Thornmail" and some health items if you think you cant survive against him long enough.

Thats it for now

Bye :D

Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

music in my head

Hi everyone,
*taking out the green marker and marks the whole last week*
Yup, another week successfully wasted! Actually, most of my calendar looks green till now but I plan on doing something productive in a month or two.

Anyway, I've got some really gooooood music for you and I'll make the infos short so you can enjoy the music ;D

The band is called Eluveitie, it has 9 members, they come from Switzerland and are a Pagan, Folk & Celtic Metal band (not everyones taste but I think they sound awesome).

Nuv said. Now listen and enjoy >:D

Eluveitie - Kingdom come undone

Eluveitie - Inis Mona

Bye :D

Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

If you're a father and did nothing, clap your hands

Hi everyone,

Big news incoming! I am a father now! Yes, its true. Im so happy right now, I cant describe it :D

Everything has gone so fast, I couldn't really realize it. I remeber it as if it would have happend yesterday when I went with my female flatmate shopping for our new apartment stuff and now *PENG* suddenly we both hold our beautiful little girl in our hands.

 At current time, we cant go in our future apartment because the previous tenant has some problems moving out so our girl has to wait for like 2 weeks in my friends barn but I think she's ok with that. At night it might get down to 5°C but Im sure she can take it.

Her name is Katja and even through she is newly born, she is already 65cm big ( =25,6 inches) and weighs around 50kg ( =100 lbs). She has white skin, no hairs (well she is newly born), the eyes of her mother and.... I cant describe her beauty so just have a look at this picture of her :D

Isnt she beautiful? Man, that was a torture to get that baby into the van. (somehow this sounds pedophil......)
Finding the right name for her was also a rather uncommon situation.
Me and my flatmate where sitting at the McDonalds after we finally got her and thought about a good name for her. After several proposals that didnt really fit her apperiance, I had the perfect plan. I just asked a little girl, who sat right next to us what her name is and *PENG* we've got a name for our baby.

If you didnt look at the picture of her and calling the police right now.... Lets just say that this might be an amusing situation you are going to have.

Bye :D

Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

work out for the weak and lazy ones

Hi everyone,

do you know that feeling when you look at yourself and think:
"you could use some sport to get rid of some fat"?

Actually I'm not fat, Im...wiry?
Somehow thin with some muscles but with some fat around my belly, you know.
I just have no sixpack what I somehow always wanted to have (at least once).

A friend of mine started to work every 2 days around 2 months ago. He really grew some big muscles and I had the thought of working out with him a couple of times. But in the end I always find a reason why I dont do it. Not enough time, no money, Im moving out so then I'll live to far away... and so on.

Someday, when im fat enough, my motivation is low enough and my dignity dropped with my motivation, I'll buy this

Bye :D

Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

League of Legends Champion suggestions - today: Cassiopeia

Hi everyone,

well, today is one of those days where I have absolutely no plan on what I should write about. When you remember my last post, I also told you I'll write about the game League of Legends when I'm to lazy/stupid to think of any other subject.

In that case I want to tell you about a certain champion each time I have this idea blocking state of mind.
For everyone that doesnt know about LoL.... just skip from here till the end of the post and comment something like "nice" or "cool" ;D

I think I start with my favourite champion:

Cassiopeia, the Serpent's Embrace

Cassiopeia is a ranged mage that poisons her opponens, can stun everyone in front of her and can spam her skills like no other champion.

Short  introducion into some of the shortcuts I use:

harras = throwing your skills at the enemy every few seconds
farmer = killing (a lot of) enemy mionions in a short time
Dot = Damage over time
aoe = area of effect
cc = croud control
feed = the champion gets a lot of kills so he gets a lot of money to buy better items (you see where this is going?)

Lets take a look at her skills:

passive skill - Deadly Cadence
after casting a spell, the following spell will cost 10% less mana. This goes upt to 50% less mana costs.

Q Skill - Noxious Blast
you cast a poisonous cloud at the location of your cursor and in a little area every enemy gets poisoned and damaged for 3 seconds. When you hit an enemy champion with that skill you get a temporary movement speed buff.

W Skill - Miasma
it looks like you vomit on the ground and cause a violett poudle of poison that damages and slows enemy units for a short time. The poudle also doubles in size over time and then fades away.

E Spell - Twin Fang 
 this is your main spell. You damage a nearby enemy instantly with this spell. When the enemy is poisoned and you hit him, the cooldown of this spell has only 0.5 seconds so you can cast it almost instantly again.

R Spell - Petrifying Gaze (ultimate)Your ultimate is an allround skill. You can interrupt enemys while casting, prefend enemys from getting away or you can use it to save your ass. When you cast it, every enemy in front of you gets a lot of damage and if he faces you, he gets stuned for 2 seconds.

Now some pros and cons about cassiopeia:

-awesome mid lane champ
-great harraser
-great farmer
-one of the strongest early/mid game champs
-has 2 skills to scout into bushes
-has 2 skills to poison the enemy
-can spam her E spell every 0.5seconds! when the enemy is poisoned
-has an aoe stun skill
-3 out of 4 skills are aoe effects so you can deal with multiple enemys at a time
-her passive allows you to spam her skills
-she is half snake, half woman

- once silenced she cant do anything (like every mage)
- slow movement speed
- low health compared to other mage champions
-when the enemy is not poisoned, your E spell is not that effective
-when your enemy doesnt face you while you use your ultimate, he is only slowed
-weak in end game when not feeded
-some cc in your face and you are dead
-when the enemy harrases you, you have big problems to survive thanks to your slow movement and low life

Last word because I wont post a guide to play her in here:
What I personally really like about cassiopeia is her ingame history. When she first came out, a lot of people bought her because her preview video looked awesome but they failed hard and called her totally useless because they where to stupid to play her.
Since then, every time riot changes something about her, its a benefit for her and still you dont see her much in any game.
She only got buffed and since the last time she was included in a patch its even easier to play her. I also like how often I get underestimated by other players and then totally kick their sorry asses because with only 2 items you can compare almost every negative side of her. You are also one of the strongest mid lane champs, she can farm like crazy thanks to her aoe skills and her ultimate is such a pain in the ass for the enemy team in a team fight.

Next time I wont talk about LoL... maybe

Bye :D

Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2011

the daily routine

Hi everyone,

did you notice that I start almost every post of mine with that "hi everyone"? Somehow I just cant start a post without saying hello, hi or welcome. But only saying "hello" seems a little short to me. With "hi everyone" I welcome everyone who looks at my post and its also longer than a simple "hello". Crazy shit....

Anyway, if you followed my blog for some time, you might have read that post
click me to see an older post of mine
and as you can assume from that post, I love playing League of Legends. And since my day looks kinda like this:

-waking up
-coming back home
-eat + small talk with family
-playing League of Legends for the rest of the day

I decided to talk about that game a little more. Dont worry, it will be just a post here and there if Im to lazy to think of something better. ^^

For everyone that doenst know that game, I advice to read some reviews about that game (not only mine. I love that game so my review will tell you only good things ;P), take a look and give it a try. Its free-to-play so the only thing you will waste is your time. Its also one of those rare free-to-play games where you really, really dont have to pay anything to be a good player.
If you dont know what Im talking about:
Almost every free-to-play game finances itself with items that you can buy online for that game. With those items you bought, you have a big advantage towards other players. And in most of those games you cant be a good player if you dont spend money for the game. The game forces you to buy the stuff so you can become better or else you will have big problems. It would be possible to make your way without said items but thats really hard. I wont say any game names.

Sure you can spend your money on League of Legends if you want to but the only thing you can buy are:
- extra skins so your champion looks different
- extra rune pages but you already got 2 from the beginnning and can buy extra pages with ingame money (IP-points) you earn for each game you complete
- new champions but every week there are 10 free to play champions and you can buy any champion with ingame money you earn for each game you complete. If you bought a champion he will be permanently unlocked. Also every newly released champion is free to play after 2 weeks for one week so you dont have to buy him if you can wait a little.

I'll upload some screenshot from games im proud of or where i just lost horribly ^^
Different subject:
Some of you adviced me to use gimp to make gifs. Someone also said I should upload the video but its not a video (maybe i should have said that). I just want to show some pictures in a row and dont want to make the post even bigger as it already gets. Now I only have to figure out, how to make gifs with gimp ^^

Bye :D

Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011


Hi everyone,

I dont know why but every week starts with an awkward moment for me. Maybe its bad karma, bad luck or some all mighty what-ever hates me every monday and tuesday.
All I did was sitting there at work and worked on a programm and like every morning around 11am I got really sleepy. Usually I drink an energy drink, walk for 5 minutes or eat something with sugar. But today I wanted to finish that project I was working on before 12 o'clock. And then it happend. I fall asleep for like 30 seconds. That was enough time for someone to walk into my room. He noticed I was sleeping, kicked my chair and said "we dont pay you for sleeping" and in all of my cleverness I answered without thinking "and I dont pay you for kicking my chair"..... fuck. Acutally I dont pay anyone in there so why the hell did I said that?
He left the room without saying anything and I realised that i felt asleep and what I said to him. Then the embarrassment came over me. But then I got that itchy feeling inside of my nose so I put my little finger in there as far as I could and tried to solve my problem.
In that very goddamn fuckin moment, the same person who woke me up, came around the corner, looked at me while I was scratching my brain through my nose, made a disgusted look and left the room.
I think I can never look that person in the eyes...

But now, the week can only get better. At least I hope so.

Anyway, Im working on a big post.
A really, really, super-duper-hyper big post.
A post, so incredible big that not even a "your mom is so fat...." joke can compete to that post.
A post, so unbelievable big that... well, I think you got it how big it will get. But I could use some animated pitcures for it. Does someone know a good program to make some gifs? Im to lazy to install half a dozen progams that may match my search on google but are plain crap in the end.

Bye :D

Freitag, 30. September 2011

suddenly... music (and history lesson)

I cant get this melody out of my head

I just cant stop playing it over and over and over and over... again.

It is a long weekend  for me because Monday is a national holiday in Germany :D
It's called  "Tag der Deutschen Einheit". On that day, we celebrate the reunion of Germany  after the cold war. Actually the real reunion was 1990 at the 9th of November (day of the fall of the wall which seperated east germany and west germany) but there where other events that happend before on the 9th of November (Hitler-Ludendorff-coup 09. November1923 where Hitler tried to take over the controll of Germany through a revolt & Reichspogromnacht 07.-13. November 1938 where Nazis killed around 400 Jews, destroyed hundres of buildings and graves and imprisoned around 30.000 Jews). So in the end, it was decided that the 3. October should be a national holiday of germany.


sorry guys for that popup-thing. I didnt even know i allowed that and thanks to my popup blocker i never noticed myself. I think it is disabled now. If not i need a serious hint how to remove those popups.

Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

just a (simple) question

Hi everyone,

Let me ask you this:
Do you think you are smart, clever, talented and/or intelligent?
I've been told from a few former teachers I'm a very clever boy. I could be anything I want. Maybe that was a bad idea to tell me something like this. Through that, I always think that I know that I could do better if I wanted to but at that moment I'm was to lazy.
Every time when I ask myself this question, I think back when my teachers stood before me, handed me my test results over and told me I could do better and in the next test I did without any effort.
This showed me, that I have the "abillity" to learn without doing anything but just sitting there and listen. I never learned at home. I barely did my homework. I never knew when we where going to write a test. But in the end, I managed to get a good grade, or at least, not a bad grade.
This let me think Im clever...
But school is long ago. I didnt wrote tests for a long time. I didnt listen to teachers that explain new things to me for a long time. I didnt pratice any of the old stuff I learned once. Instead i played computer games or I've been just lazy and wasted my time.
How can I still say that Im intelligent, that I still have this "abillity" to learn anything I want, without any proof?

...I dont want to be stupid so Im just going to believe that im still as talented as in the past. For the well-being of my conscience.

(sorry for that, but sometimes I have the urge to write about things like this to get it out of my mind. Next time it will be something more.... stupid ^^ )

Montag, 26. September 2011

every week the same day

hi everyone,

so its monday.... again.
And i thought my time machine would work, so that this weekend would last forever.
Lets hope that this monday wont last forever due a construction mistake in my time machine :s

Only one way to find out.... lets wait and see.

Bye :D

Freitag, 23. September 2011

wohoooo~ LAN PARTEY :D

im off, gona do aaaall the work tomorrow... or on sunday.... yeah, on sunday.

Now im of to play the next 48 hours Leage of Legends, Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead and Command & Conquer III :D

See ya guys =)

Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

Anti-technic-skill: activated!

hi everyone,

Fuck, i broke my camera. Well, i think my camera broke itself but it is definitely not working anymore.
When i wanted to take a picture, the screen went black, it made a sound like it's shutting down but the objective didnt move back in.
Now i have a black screen, a zooooomed out objective and a camera that doesnt do anything no matter what i try.
Damn, now i have to get a new one....  :/

Dienstag, 20. September 2011

Motivation in all his glory

Every time I decide to do something, I end up thinking "just one more game" or "lets look at this site first" and then time flows away so i end up getting nothing done...
Maybe i should try reversed psychology on myself? Maybe i should think "you dont want to do that now, why dont you do something different?"

.... somehow I dont think that will work

Bye :D

Montag, 19. September 2011

i have to move out... NOW!

Hi everyone,

isnt it funny, that, when you need things the most, they wont work?
I wanted to play online games, make a project and needed some pictures for that, i wanted to look for some apartments etc...
but just when i thought "ok, now i feel motivated. Lets do this", my internet connection said "pew, right into your face" and went offline.

I think there is someone, somewhere out there, who holds my internet connection cable in his hands and he hates me...
Hopefully he had enough fun for now. Lets get back to work

Bye :/

Freitag, 16. September 2011

sleeping is sooo important

Hi everyone,

a lot of sleep is very usefull, you know?

While sleeping you produce more white blood corpuscles, that means your wounds heal faster.
While sleeping your brain repeats what you have done today and sorts usless information out.
While sleeping you dream up to 7 times in the night but you barely remember some of those because your brain thinks that this information is useless and sorts it out.
While sleeping you regenerate energy so you feel refreshed when you wake up.

When you force yourself to stay awake,  you have big problems to remember new learned things.
When you force yourself to stay awake, your eye-lids get heavy so your body forces you to close your eyes.Through that it gets dark so your brain thinks its night so it sends out some stuff that makes you feel even sleepier.
When you force yourself to stay awake, your body starts to ich. With that your body tells you, that he is no longer capable of recorgnizing if you really have to scratch that spot or not.

With that said, im going to sleep now

Bye :D

Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

sweet, sweet sleep =)

Hi everyone,

after sleeping for 13 hours, I overslept and came 4 hours late for work.... My own fault, i guess.

But now to something comepletely different.

Im going to move out of "hotel mother". Yes, i'm going to search for a apartment.
Any good tips on what i have to look or what i should ask before i sign a contract?

Bye :D

Montag, 12. September 2011

2 hours of sleep in the last 3 days

so... sleepy....
but have to.... play LoL and.... i need to... blog a little, too...


Sonntag, 11. September 2011

Im still alive

Hi everyone,

I know you missed me but like i said, i was on a holiday trip. I went to Hungary for 2 weeks and i have to say it was amazing.
Well, i couldnt understand one word, the money (Forint) made me rage a few times because you have the pocket full of this giant coins and bank notes but this is only a few dollar worth and i went there when almost all the shop had closed because i didnt go in main sesion.
But the weather was awesome, the beer was cold and the house me and my friends lived in was just perfect.
But believe me, I'll never ever go on a holiday trip by car again. 11 hours of driving is not cool. Next time im going to fly.

So.... im back, im refreshed, i got an assload full of work before me and got nothing to do. Perfect :)

See ya guys :D

Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

always PANIC

Hi everyone,

i think a ghost or thief lives under my bed. Im missing so many things. I wanted to pack my bag because when i dont do it now, i just panic even more right before i want to go.
I cant find my camera, i cant find my lamp, i even cant find my bag. All those things are usually just lying around in my room but now.... POOF, they're gone.
I have to investigate that further. Wish me luck!

Mekkor out!

Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

IM MELTING (also more infos about some things)

Hi everyone,

it is so goddamn hot here, im sweating out of every pore i got, my t-shirts feel like someone threw a bucket full of water over my back, my forehead is shining in the sun because of all that sweat  and my room is like a giant sauna.
I thought summer was already over because July was cold as fuck and now, in the end of August its getting hot and muggy all of a sudden. I also got to work in a company that probably never heard of "air conditioning" so im sweating like a pig in there, too. But it has a good side effect: Im drinking a lot of water (3-4 liter each day) which is healthy (or at least i heard it is healthy).

I also got bad news... actually they are good news. Well, depends on how you look at it.
Im going on a holiday trip for 2 weeks and it starts this Saturday :D
Good news for me, bad news for you because i have absolutely no idea if i get some internet where im going to spend my precious free time.
But Im sure there will be a Interent Cafe somewhere so im informing you with everything that will happen.

I also didnt forgot about that "automatic drawer" i wanted to show you. I have it already written down but I dont like some parts of my describtion and I have to make a animated picture to show you how it works in the end.
Anyone of you knows a good (and free) programm to make a animated picture (.gif)?

Bye :D

Dienstag, 23. August 2011

Finally some internet

Hi everyone,

imagine you have a life. In that life you do many different things. All those things need a working internet connection.
Now imagine you dont have a working internet connection...... PANIC!!!!!!
Well, thats my situation at the moment.
There is only 1 company that provides a fast interent connection in my little village and this company is filled only with idiots that are to stupid to provide what im paying for.
After every little storm something goes *BOOOM* and there are no more internets....

I'll try to blogg from other places but thats not that easy to find some internets in this wasteland.
Hopefully those "profis" get their asses of off their seats and fix that problem.



After more than 30 hours they managed to get a single person to the little box next to the street so he can fix the problem... i dont want to know how fast they are if  a whole town gets problems.... ^^
Well, at least i have my beloved internet back :D

Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

I want my weekend... NOW!

Hi everyone,

i think if there is a god for motivation, he hates me and likes to see me suffer.
 This picture describes my problem really well.

Anyone else got this problem?

Bye :D

Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

Lets start a new project, shall we?

Hi everyone,

it is Wednesday and somehow this day just wont end. Im bored so i took my time to thought about this post and I think I've got an idea that could be interessting for my loyal followers :D

Today we are going to do another project. The last one was somehow not thaaaaat amazing. But when we're done and we do everything right we will have an...

automatic drawer o.O

What can you expect from that? Well, lets all imagine we have a little button. As long as we press the button, our drawer will move automatically into one direction until it cant go any further. Then it can only go into the other direction until it is closed again.
 Sounds simple, right? Well, if it is so simple, try your best and tell me how it worked without my help ;P

But to understand how all of this works, we have to understand how a realy works.

A relay is rather simple. You put voltage onto one side and all switches of the relay swtich. Did you understand that? No?

 At first, the switch 1 is non-conductive (S1) and switch 2 is conductive (S2). Now, when the current flows through the coil, the switches change so that S1 is now conductive and S2 is non-conductive. You also see that the lines between the switches 1, 2 and the coil are not connected.
 This is really usefull if you want to switch different current circuits with one signal.

Now we know about relays. This will come in very handy for your project.

Bye :D

Dienstag, 16. August 2011

I have to say something

Hi everyone,

at first i want to say:
 I'm sorry.
 I didnt put as much effort in my blog as I wanted to. I also missed to read a lot of other blogs that interesst me. I have to catch up to that.
 I have let the Automatic complaint generator (which I found on, all thanks to him/her) make a complaint about me.
 Here is what it wrote about me:

I am not short on words, so please bear with the length of this letter. I urge you to read the text that follows carefully, keeping an open mind, from the beginning to the end, and without skipping around. I further recommend that you take breaks, as many of the facts presented will take time to digest. Imagine getting a dollar every time Mr. Mekkor said he wouldn't redefine humanity as alienated machines/beasts and then convince everyone that they were never human to begin with but did so anyway. You'd obviously be very, very rich. I welcome his comments. However, he needs to realize that his spokesmen are unified under a common goal. That goal is to make my stomach turn. In closing, I ask that you swear in the holy sanctuary of your soul that you will never stop extending the compass of democracy to the worst types of contumacious bribe-seekers there are. That's how I live my life, and that's how you should consider living yours.

After that serious complaint I made up my mind. I want to make this blog a good one, a well known one, a blog that entertains and/or helps people.
 With this decision i made a new blogging schedule for myself.
 Monday, Wednesday and Friday i make a big post like those before.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I make a little post about my day, what i think, what I like... just some random crap, you know ^^
 Then Sunday is may day off so I can relax or catch up to things that have fallen behind. Since work is going well and my few hobbies are "playing video games" and "drinking with friends", I think that I can handle this without loosing to much of my spare time.
 Sounds like a good plan.

Bye :D

Sonntag, 14. August 2011

Even More games & more fun

Hi everyone,

i just cant find anything that looks good as my banner. Maybe i'll leave it like that.
It also looks like no one wants to see me writing german. ^^
Zu schade aber auch. Das hätte mir ein paar Beitragsideen erspart indem ich einfach nur was auf deutsch geschrieben hätte.
Now you'll never know what that means. Hahahahaha~
(believe me when i say: dont use google translate for that. Its like asking a 2 year old baby what that could mean)

Anyway, todays game review is about:

League of Legends

League of Legends is a free online action strategy game with RPG elements.
Basically its like this: two teams of each 5 players, try to destroy an enemy building (the Nexus) to win the game. Therefore each player chooses 1 champion and battles with his 4 team members the enemy team. Each Nexus sends every few seconds a few computer controlled units out to attack the enemy. On the way to the Nexus there are standing towers, which will attack every enemy in their range. So, you have to destroy the towers to reach the Nexus which you have to destroy to win the game and at the same time you have to defend your towers to defend your nexus to not loosing the game.

Pros of the game:
-very addictive
-every game is different even with the same players and the same champions
-over 80+ champions to choose from (at the moment 81 champions but every 2-3 weeks there comes out a new one)
-its a teamwork based game, you wont win if you wont play with your team (teamwork > skill)
-a good beginner guide for newbies
-good support for a free game with millions of players
-a game takes 20mins up to more than a hour (so a game wont take that long if you have other stuff to do)
-you can use runes to improve your stats before a game (minimal status improvements but it can make a big difference)
-through winning (or loosing) a game, you get IP-Points which can be used to buy runes, rune sites or new champions
-you will get enemys who have (more or less) the same skills as you have so the game is balanced
-every week there are 10 other champions free to pick so you can try out different champions without buying them
-you can report players after a game for different reasons and can vote online if other reported players should get a ban

Cons of the game:
-the first minutes are (mostly) the same in every game
-the game is all about teamwork so a single idiot can ruin your game
-there are one-man-army-champions which you dont need any skill for them so those can be annoying to play against
-at first you dont have much champions to choose from
-earning IP-points is hard at first
-servers are unstable sometimes

The game is very addicitve, its free to play and the support is pretty good (im used to really shitty support from other free-to-play games). Every game is a new experience and a lot of wins doesnt mean you are a good player. There are tons of champions to choose from (80+ like i said before) and each champions is different to play and can be played in different styles. A good team set up is the first step to victory at the beginning, so speak with your team what is needed or choose your favorite champion fast enough ;D

Beside playing against other players, you can choose if you want to play with other players against 5 computer champions or with computer controlled champions against computer controlled champions. This is a good way to test out new strategies, new play styles or new champions.

If you like those kind of games, give it a try. The support is good, it never gets boring and playing with friends over TeamSpeak is even more fun =)

Bye :D

Freitag, 12. August 2011

More games, more fun and some cuteness

Hi everyone,

I had no time changing the banner of my blog, probably because im just to lazy and coulndt stop playing LoL. I'll do it tomorrow... maybe.

Do you know these days where you could write like 100 blog posts but you have to decide which one you should take? Well, i had one but its not today so i was sitting in front of my laptop for like 30 minutes till i had the final idea for my post today. I also have to write some post ideas down so this wont happen again.

Todays game is:

Animal Crossing

When i have seen the game for the first time, i thought "omg, if I should ever be stupid enough to play that game, i'll die on an overdose of cuteness.". I think a part of me died as I played it but it was a weak part so I'm stronger now ^^
Well, what is "Animal Crossing" about?
You just moved out of your parents house and talk to a turtle (yes, a turtle. You are the only human you will ever meet in that game) while driving down a road about where you want to go, what your name is and some other random stuff. Then you arrive at the city but you realize very fast that you have not enough money to buy a house directly. But the local salesman (a racoon) offers you one house of your choice to move in and you have to pay a dept.
With that you try to make money with fishing, collecting fruits, helping the villagers etc. to pay of your dept, to buy new clothes, furniture for your house or to upgrade your house so you have more space in it.
But the game is not all about making money. Its like your own little live. You choose how your house looks, what furniture you have or what kind of name your town has. The game syncronachises itself with your console clock and so the daytime-nighttime cyclus starts. Shops only open between daytime and in the night there are stars at the sky. You can go fishing, hunt bugs and search for fossils which can be sold or you donate them to your local museum.

Its all very cute but also somehow addictive. At first you cant make much. You have to get money to buy new items like a shovel or an fishing rod. You can help the villagers with their problems, talk to them and even play with them little games like "hide and seek".

I first played that game on the GameCube. It was like a drug. I played it over a year, almost every single day. Because if you show a little enthusiasm and have the goal to make your town perfect, you have to come every day to catch new bugs, new fishes, remove weed, plant flowers, recieve and get mails, join festivals...
After i made my town just perfect and got almost everything it was boring. Then "Animal Crossing" came out for the Nintendo DS, witch was (who had guessed that) totally the same just with more of everything. I played it for like half a year.
The latest "Animal Crossing" is for the Wii and after a month i had enough of it. After a while, its just the same old routine you do every day and nothing really new happens.

Yes, everyone talks like "blablablablablablabla" which is kinda funny at first but annoying at the end.

Give it a try if you have some money left because its worth it if you like those games.
If you start a new game in Animal Crossing, look at the map as soon as you can and look if you like the design of your town. If not, restart the game and make a new town. The towns are made randomly but every town has the same buildings. Once you played in your town for a while and realize the bridges over the river are placed bad or you have to walk miles to reach from point A to point B its a waste if you would start a new town.

Bye :D

Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

Hurray, a new game

Hi everyone,

I hope you all like the "new" blog of mine. Took me some time to find the right things and the header came out better than i expected but i think its still not perfect. Funny what you can do by only using Paint and Gimp.
The background looks good and now that I know how to make transparent areas in a picture, i have so many ideas but so less time. Well, looks like i have to skip one or two rounds of gaming for a great looking header-pic.

Anyway, today i want to tell you about a card game. A card game on what i spent like years of my life. I still got hundreds of those cards but i know no one who still plays that game.
The card game is called:

Duel Masters

Its like a modified rip of off the "well known" Card Game Yu-Gi-Oh.
The meaning of the game is to defeat your opponent (wow, who would have guessed that) through destroying 5 shields and then attack him directly.
I'll tell you how a game normally looks like:
You and your enemy have 1 set of 40+ cards. At the beginning, each of you draw the first 5 cards and put then upside down in front of you without looking at them. Those are your shields which are protecting you from the enemys attacks.
The you both draw 5 hand cards.
Then you decide who of you starts.

A normal round looks like that:
1. you draw a card
2. you can put one hand card into your "mana zone". Mana is needed to cast spells or to summon monsters.
3. if you have enough mana, you can summon a monster now which is then "untapped". Normally monsters have to wait 1 round till they can attack. Evolution-monsters that have to be laid onto monsters of the same species can attack immediately.
4. if you have enough mana, you can cast spells which have different effects on everything in the game like: you can draw cards, make a monster temporary stronger, destroy mana of the enemy etc.
5. you can attack the enemy or an enemy monster if you have a monster which can attack. You can only attack "tapped" monsters. If your monster has attacked, it is tapped and will get untapped at the beginning of your next round.
a monster can have different abilitties:
blocker: can block an attack and fight against the attacking monster
unblockable: cant be blocked
evolution: can only be put onto monsters of the same species and can attack instantly
double breaker: breaks 2 shields when attacking the enemy shields but when blocked only attacks 1 monster
strong attacker: while attacking, the monster gets +xxxx attack strenght
and way more abillities like "draw x cards", "retieve a monster", "search your deck for...". "when this creature dies do ...." etc.
if you break a shield of the enemy he takes the shield card and puts it to his hand cards
6. you end your turn.
7. your enemy has his turn

Now the same thing repeats until one of you has lost all of his shields and got attacked by a monster.
There are 5 different colour types of cards which specialise (more or less) on different aspects of the game.

red cards = fire nation. pure strenght, no blockers and a lot of "kill every monster with strenght xxxx or less"
green cards = nature nation. faster more mana to cast a lot of spells, some really strong monsters, monsters that reduce your mana costs but no blockers
yellow cards = light nation. strong blockers that can attack, unblockable spells and spells which allow you to attack tapped monsters
black cards = darkness nation. reaper monsters which kill enemys even if they are stronger, spells that can retrieve your own monsters, kill enemy monsters, droping enemy hand cards and messing around with your own shields
blue cards = water nation. faster more hand cards, nice blockers, nice unblockable monsters and spells/monster-abillities which send monsters back to his owners hand cards

It sounds a little lame and in the first place you have to remember a bunch of rules.
But i love that card game. I played it every day in school with friends. I knew a website where you can play Duel Masters against other players but there are only pros and you get beaten in a few rounds = No fun.
Normally i would say at this point "buy those cards and start playing" but i dont know any place where you can play regulary with someone or even buy the cards (instead of ebay) so it might be a waste of money if you buy them.

There are also some games for the "GameBoy Advanced" which are a nice try out but in those games your deck can only handle 40 cards and with a little practise the enemys are beaten in a few rounds because only a few of them are hard to beat.
If you want to give it a try, download "VisualBoyAdvanced" which is a GameBoyAdvanced-Emulator so you can play GameBoy-games on your computer. Then search for something like "Duel Masters gba rom" on google and you might find something. Im not sure if owning a rom (rom = name of the game-type for the emulator) is illegal or not so i wont post any links and i also tell you to buy it regulary in a store instead of downloading.
In the end, i just have to say:
To bad that game didnt get any more popular.

Bye :D

Montag, 8. August 2011

Normal life... wait, what is normal?

Hi everyone,

so i've fallen behind my blogger schedule because somehow i only got friends whose birthdays are at the beginning of august.
I also found out that there actually exists an amount of "to much cake" which is defined by the time "eat faster, we have to go".
You know the movie "Inception"? Which is poorly described with "a dream within a dream within a dream....". Well, the last birthday cake was like that. Chocolate cake within a chocolate cake within a cream cake. Somehow awesome but in the dark it looked like a giantic, half rotten burger oO

I also tought about my blog and i think i keep it random. I like the idea of posting whatever i like whenever i want. (whenever = every 2 days) ^^
That also means that i'll have to overthink my blog-layout a bit. I think the background looks good but i may change the colour of the header to fit it more into the background.
I also have to re-adjust the size of the posts, maybe i'll use another font and i want to let the whole blog look a little brighter. I like the colour black (yeah, black is no colour blahblahblah) but i think that maybe appears a little depressive. Blue is also a favorite colour of mine. It appears relaxing and calm. Perfect for a nice blog.

A friend of mine showed me a video. On that video I discovered a weird habbit of mine. I like to trick people. Nothing bad but i like to tell them a little lie or tell them something awkward if they ask me stupid questions which would be solved faster if they think about it for 1 second.
I let it sound like a joke so people wont get angry at me and they realise that they wouldnt need my help.
I think i do it to teach people they dont have to believe everything they hear no matter who is talking to them and if they use their brain, live would be so much easier.
I want to teach people that they should think about things first, then think about their question, then think again and then ask. I know the sentence "there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers" but that would mean the one who asked had thought about it first and not he asked because he was to lazy to think.
But i also do it for my own amusement. I like the mixture of dark humor, irony and sarcasm. With that i have a stupid sounding joke/commentar for even the worst kind of situation. I can say whatever i want and with the right sounding i get away with it.
But that also means that i wont get taken serious sometimes.
Combined with my extremly lazyness everyday is like a joke, a dark humor sounding one but a good one about i can laugh slightly and solve my problems with a smile on my face no matter how shitty the situation is.

When i red through what i have written a few moments ago, this sounds like i have some mental problems...
Well, as long as no one gets harmed, who cares? ^^
Also: More votes for the poll on the right side please =)

Bye :D

Freitag, 5. August 2011

electricity with Mekkor today: parallel

Hi everyone,

I didnt decide on what i specialyse my blog now but it will happen in the next 2 days... hopefully.
 I'm also feeling totally sick because i thought it would be a good idea to drink with friends, sleep 3 hours and then go to work.
 Never gonna do that again. I felt like i have to puke all the day and the headache is killing me. Im going to bed very early today.

But first, I'll tell you how voltage and current are acting on components that are "parallel".
 Personally i find "parallel" harder to understand than "in series" because... well, you will see.

 When are components "parallel"?
 Two components are parallel if both input wires and both output wires are connected.
 How are current, resistance and voltage acting in this shit?
 Its like the opposite of "in series". Here is the voltage the same. These 2 resistors are like 1 resistor with another resistance.

The whole resistance is always smaller then the smallest resistor. (WHAT?)

Look, the current splits itself based one the resistance of each resistor.
 Its like you got one street where cars are driving through. If you build another street around the first one, the second street may be longer but together with the first street there can drive more cars.

cars = current
 street = resistor

Calculating the whole resistance is a little tricky. There are 2 formulas to calculate.

1/R = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/Rx


R = (R1xR2) / (R1+R2)

I prefer the first one because its easier to understand, you can calculate the whole resistance in one formula and its easier to tip into my pocket calculator ^^
 If you didnt understood that, this picture maybe will help you

You dont understand the last calculation-step? Look, you can multiply, divide, add or subtract each side with the same number and the result will be the same. Try it.
1 = 1 (true. now adding 5 to each sides)
1+5 = 1+5 (still true, now dividing through 3)
6:3 = 6:3 (damn, still true. weird math shit)

In the last calculation step on the picture, our fomula looks like that:
1 : R = 0.000325 (now multiply each side with R)
1 : R x R = 0.000235 x R (divided through R and multiplied with R lift each other & now dividing through 0.000235)
1 : 0.000235 = 0.000235 : 0.000235 x R (0.000235 : 0.000235 = 1.   R multiplied with 1 is R)
1 : 0.000235 = R
R = 3076,92 Ohm(like i said, crazy math shit)

 - Voltage the same
 - current splits and get back together
 - resistance always smaller than the smallest resistor

By the way, if you got 5 seconds more to waste, vote on the right side if i should talk some german in the future ^^

Bye :D

Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Hi everyone,

so, this one and the next post will be the last elecrticity posts for a while. I have to overthink the decission to post something like that.
 The deeper i go into the subject, the more basic information is needed and i dont think a new follower will read through all of that just to understand what im talking about.
 Maybe I'll do more projects but wont explain them completely. Just the blueprint, what you need and what it does.
 And of course, way more game reviews. Maybe some music, too. Or i should make something like a walthrough for some games....
 But i dont want to let my blog look like i have no real theme in it. Or I just stop with those long posts and tell you something in 2-3 sentences about... dunno, something.
 Argh, dessicions, dessicions.

Well, i'll decide... later.
 For now, i'll tell you about "parallel" and "in series" (im not sure if its called "in series". Google translate sucks. If someone knows that, please tell me).

 Lets talk about "in series":
 When are two components "in series"?
 Well, thats really simple. When the components come after each other so the current can only flow through one at a time.

 How are current and voltage acting on components that are "in series"?
 The current in the circuit is the same at all points. The current will never split. Where else should it flow than straight the way it has to?

The supply voltage splits itself onto all components. We remember: On the biggest resistance stands the biggest voltage. Thats why there is always voltage onto your power socket. The resistance between the 2 holes of the power socket is (almost) infinitely.

red = current
blue = voltage

The higher the resistance, the less the current. => Infinite resistance = no current but the whole voltage onto the resistor.

Next time, we'll talk about "parallel"
 Bye :D

Montag, 1. August 2011

electricity with Mekkor today: finally the "big" project *wohooo*

Hi everyone,

Damn, i wanted to post that yesterday (touchè?) but I never realized how damn hard it is to find a good simulation programm for electrical circuits on the internet oO
I didnt want to draw another crappy blueprint for you and i wanted it to look professional.

I searched my ass off for some useful programm. Two hours waisted just to find something that doenst look like bullshit, is freeware and can be used without asking the programmer how to understand his "programm". Now i have to clean my pc off of all crappy programmes i installed.

After that i gave up and played the rest of the day (more time waisted). Damn, im so demotivated right now.

But i thought you guys want to know what we're building.

So i gave up my search and just tried to make a good blueprint with pen and paper. Well, its not bad but in the end its not supposed to look pretty. It should be informative and i think it is.

A "BC 548" is a very common transistor which is very cheap, easy to handle and needs low power. The arrow markes the "Emitter".

E = Emitter
B = Basis
C = Collector

If you acciedently switch Emitter and Collector its not that bad, but if you connect the Basis wrong your transistor will overheat, melt and stink in 2 seconds.

I know you want to know what the finished "thing" does. Well, if you push the button the LEDs will blink. Thats it.
You might think "Wow, thanks for waisting 2 minutes of my life.". It was a pleasure if you think so but with a little creativity and an idea something like that will come out.

Forgive me, i know the sound is shitty, somehow everything looks yellow and its shaking. Well, thats the result of my first video made with my camera.
(I just found out it can make videos ^^ )

So, thats it for today
Bye :D

Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

electricity with Mekkor today: sorry, but we also need the transistor

Hello and welcome to another post about electricity *wohooooo*

i actually wanted to post that yesterday but then my internet connection broke down.
So i had to wait half a day to post something new. Damn storm.

Well, last time i said we would make something incredibly interesting. But i have to disappoint you. Sorry, we have to learn some things about another electrical component first.

But this component is really something usefull.
It is the:
Transistor *tadaaaa*

What is an transistor?
A transistor is like a switch where you can regulate how much current flows through it.
A transistor is also an amplifier.
To understand how a transistor as an amplifier works, we would need more info than i already gave you + there are so many different transistors that your head may explode if i explain them all to you.
So we just use the transistor as a switch.

I personally think that this picture explains it really well.

Look, the more water flows though the little red gate, the more it opens the big red gate.
That means:
The more voltage is onto the "Basis" the more opens the "Kollektor" to let more current though.
If there is no voltage onto the "Basis", the "Kollektor" is non-conductive.

Imagine that you have to controll when a current circuit is conductive and when not. You would always have to push a button.
With a transistor, you can controll that without any buttons. The transistor is only conductive if there is voltage onto the "Basis". Thats easier and faster than pushing a button.

But way dont we just use a normal switch instead of this thing? Let me explain it like this:
If we had a perfect switch, what properties should it have.

- endless resistance if non-conductive
- no resistance if conductive
- no wear
- react immediately

A normal switch has:
- endless resistance if non-conductive
- a little resistance if conductive
- wear
- reacts slowly because you have to push a button/flip a switch/whatever and that takes a few milliseconds

A transistor has:
- almost endless resistance if non-conductive
- a little resistance if conductive
- no wear
- reacts immediatly

Now you see, that a transistor is a faster switch than a normal switch, has no wear and can also be used as an amplifier. Clear victory for the transistor.

Now we know (a little) about transistors. Next time we are going to build something... hopefully ^^

Bye :D

Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

electricity with Mekkor today: the all mighty capacitor

Hello to everyone who actually reads this ^^

*BOOM* there goes the 100-follower-wall down.  :D

SOOOO, today i'll teach you about capacitor and after that i'll give you a little preview on what we are going to build the next time :o

At first, capacitor have the unit farad. (wow, now everyone understood what capacitor are)
With that said, let me explain how a capacitor works.
There are 2 plates with a non-conductive material between them.

Now we put the + pole on one side and the - pole on the other on our power supply of a few volts.
(for the love of god, please dont put a condensator in your power socket. PLEASE DONT BE SO STUPID! The thing will explode before you even recorgnize it!!!)
 You may think "there is no way that current could flow there, capacitor are non-conductive." Right and wrong.
Because of the 2 plates, electrons from the plus pole push on the one plate while electrons from the - pole are pulled out of the plate. Through the capacitor flows no current but everywhere else.
"Does that mean, there is a permanent flow of current because of that capacitor ?"
No! Remember what i wrote about voltage? Its the potential difference between 2 points and on the biggest resistance stands the biggest voltage.
=> The capacitor is non-conductive so it is the biggest resistance and so the condensator will charge up to the whole supply voltage.

"But how long does it take till the voltage stands on the capacitor or is this instantly?"
You can imagine the capacitor as a battery. It charges upon the supply voltage. That is determinated by this formula:
t (time) = R (resistance) x F (farad)

For Example:

We have a capacitor with 1mF (MilliFarad) and a resistor with 1kOhm. Our supply voltage is 5V.

t = 1kOhm x 1mF
t = 1

After 5 times that time the capacitor is "fully charged". So you see, the bigger the resistance of the wire/resistor is and the higher the capacity is, the longer the capacitor charges.
And after the same formula the capacitor discharges itself if you connect the 2 poles of the condensator.

Some of you might think now: "2 plates with a non-conductive material between them... does that mean 2 simple cables are a capacitor, too?"
Yes, you are right. But the less the surface of one plate is and the higher the distance between those plates is, the less is the farad of our "capacitor".
There are areas of use where this is very important but not for our purposes.

With that we can make frequenzys, we can let things blink, we can have our own little battery and we have a little buzzer.
In my apprentienceship, me and the others charged capacitors with around 20 volt. You put the 2 poles on someones arm/leg/neck/whatever and brizzl, the poor victim gets a little electrical shock ^^

aaaaaaaaand now, the thing that could be your thing after you build the thing next time.

Tadaaaaaaa.... wait, what is that? Only one way to find that out ;D

Bye :D

Montag, 25. Juli 2011

McSugar and the sickness of life

Hi there followers,
yesterday was a fine day. A rainy sunday. I love these days. My room is in the loft, so in the summer it can get really hot in there. My old computer died that way.  Also it was to rainy to get outside so my father couldnt work in the backyard and i didnt have to help. Spent the whole day playing video games.... i love these days...
As afternoon came, i got a phone call from one of my friends. An old friend had his 20th birthday and it would be so much fun if we celebrate it in McDonalds. Playing like little kids in the ball pool and chilling outside under the stars (remember: it was raining = no stars at the sky).
I couldnt refuse that offer.
I talked with the others and we decided that we would buy a cheese burger with a candle at midnight and sing "happy birthday" for him.
So at midnight i ordered a single cheese burger with a candle on top. But the Mc personal have had a better idea.
A Big Mäc cake!
rolls from a Big Mäc, with marmelade, covered in sugar, covered in smarties with a burning candle on top of it. It looked so COOL and it was for free. They said, its a present from McDonalds for my friend.
But after we ate that thing, another Mc employee came to us with a 1,5L cup filled with vanilla ice cream, chocolate souce, caramel and smarties.
I had the sugar flash of my life. After we tried to finish the ice cream but failed because of all that caramel at the bottom of the cup we left McDonalds and drove home.
I was lying for about 3 hours in my bed and couldnt sleep. The sugar kept me awake. Because of that, i only got 2 hours of sleep and had to stand up at 5 am to get to work. I still feel so sick. I ate only bread and water for lunch. Everything that has sugar is so disgusting at the moment.
And what did i learned?
Celebrate you damn birthday at Burger King, maybe they'll deep-fry a Whopper just for me ;D

Bye :D

Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

Finally a new game

Hello and welcome to todays game review :D

At first i want to say.... WHAT? Over 60 followers already? Niiiiiiiice :D

Back to topic.

i wrote a lot that has to settle into your brain and after all that learning i think a new game will be the right thing

With that said, lets talk about:


Borderlands is an rpg-shooter-game.

The story:
On the planet "Pandora" exists an old tale. The tale says, that there is, somewhere on Pandora, a chamber which is filled with gold, high-end alien technology and glory for whoever finds the chamber. But no one ever found it and those who searched for it are now crazy after all that time searching the whole planet or dead.
But an angel will help the choosen one to find the chamber and watch over him while he has to make his way though all the dangers on Pandora.

After you listend to that old tale, you have to choose between 4 "heroes".
Pandora is not a safe, nice planet where you are welcomed with flowers and a free drink. On this planet only the strongest survives. 99% of the living on pandora tries to kill you.
When you arrive, a ghost or more like a vision of an angel appears and says that the chamber exists and you should find it.
There are some small villages and even a town but they are terrorized by a big group of bandits.
So you help the villages fighting the bandits, trying to stay alive since almost every animal that lives on pandora wants to kill you, and you make some friends.
Luckily an archaeologist found a lot of hints where the chamber could be.
While still dealing with the monsters and bandits you try to find crystals which are leading to the chamber. But the crystals are guarded by giant monsters or alien creatures.
After getting the last crystal, the imperial army takes over the planet, cuts down every communication, steals all your crystals and makes it way to the chamber.
But not while you are still alive.

Dont want to tell you to much (which i already did). Its all very post-apocalyptic and the graphic might not be everyones taste.
But the game is great.
- its an ego-shooter where you have to kill everything that stands in your way
(every mother with an overprotecting complex should have already stoped reading)
- over thousand! of weapons
- a story which is acutally more or less interessting
- you can play it with up to 3 friends
- each class is different and has a unique skill
- a ton of sidequests
- add-ons (extra costs) that inculde a zombie island, a arena to fight via internet with friends/strangers and a new area where you fight the imperial army

Watch this video and if you still think "damn, that is just what i need" buy it. On steam it costs 20$ or so.
I bought it right after it came on the market and played for 2 weeks or so. Did almost every sidequest that was possible. After that, i started the game again with a different class. I forgot almost everything of the first half and had to guess again what i have to do to get this or that item. ^^

Thats it for now.
Bye :D

Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

new post, new infos

Hi there,

so today i dont have that much time to write a post where you have to scroll 5mins to reach the bottom.
So im going to make that quick and finish the electronic basics.

The amount of how many times something happens in 1 second.
For Example:
Your heart beats, if you are relaxed, around 1 - 1.2 times per second.
To know the frequenzy you have to divide 1 through the seconds.
In my country (i dont know if this is everywhere in the world) the sinus wave of the voltage of my power socket has 50 Hertz.
Now we know that the sinus wave repeats itself 50 times each second.
To know how long 1 sinus wave takes, we have to calculate like this:
t (time in seconds) =  1 /  F (frequenzy in Hertz)
t = 1 / 50
t = 0.02 seconds (20milliseconds)

If you put your finger into the power socket, the current is not the worst that will happen to you. You may have some burnings but the frequenzy is way more dangerous.
Because the current is higher than your body signals, it will force your heart to beat 50 times each second!
Believe me when i say: You wont survive that for to long.

Now i maybe scared some of you guys off from current, voltage and resistance but thats just what i wanted. I think its better to first scare you before i will tell you what you can do with the knowledge you now have. (its not much but enough to do some things).
If i told you from the beginning "oh, its so great you should try that too. so easy, so fun." Some of you may have had hurt themselfs because they were to thoughtless.

Next time... dont know, you have to wait and hope it will be something interessting ^^
bye :D

Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

efficiency of everything!

Hi followers,

today im going to write something totally different, so be pepared to read some crazy stuff ^^

Okay, yesterday i had a conversation with a friend of mine (yeah, i have friends.... weird). It was about the efficiency of different motor types because he is a auto mechanic.
Then whe have seen a piece of bun on the floor and i asked "ever wondered what the efficiency of a bun is?"
After that question we had a huge discussion what you have to research to find that out.
I couldnt resist so i have done some research:
effeciency = energy you can use from it / energy you put into something
A 60W light bulb has a efficiency of 5%. You put 60W of power in it and only 5% are formed into light. the rest is warmth.
I thought buns would be better but read this:

So a normal bun has around 1053 kJoule of energy for your body.
not much because a normal adult man needs 7100 kJ each day. That doesnt mean you should just eat 7 buns each day. But theoretically it would be enough.

Lets say we already have all incredience at home and wont calculate what energy there would be needed to make the incrediences. That would be to much.
Your body needs for 10min of making the pastry around 55kjoule.
While you just watch 20min of backing the buns your body needs around 58,8kjoule.
A normal oven uses 1500 - 2000 Watt each hour. We bake our bun for 20min so lets say we need 300W just for the oven.
Until now, we just have the energy we need for our oven and our own energy.
We dont have the energy which is needed to create all the incrediences. But after 15min of googling i gave up.
300Watt/20min are 1,8MJ (this was also googled) ^^

efficiency = energy output / energy put
efficiency of a bun =  energy we get from the bun / energy you put in to create it
efficiency of a bun =  1053 kJ / (55KJ + 58,8KJ + 1,8MJ)
efficiency of a bun =  1053 KJ / 1.9138 MJ
efficiency of a bun =  0,0055%

Talking about diesel motors would be bad with an efficiency of 30%....
Buns are killing this world!

Bye ;D

Made a mistake but corrected it with a mistake. 7000 buns a day? Nonsense! just 7. But i calculated wrong in the first place with the numbers but in the end the result was the same. Fighting mistakes with mistakes. Yeah!

Montag, 18. Juli 2011

Current and the crazy world of electronics

Hi again my dear followers ^^

Sorry that i didnt wrote something in the last few days. My 300 € Mainboard just gave up. Looks like a little SMD-Resistor burned through. Just a few weeks after my garantee canceled. Accident?
I once heard a rumor that things like a vacuum cleaner are build to break a few weeks/month after the garantee canceled so you have to buy a new one. It would be easy to take some components that have a reduced lifespan.
So now i have a laptop till next month when i get my salary to buy myself a new mainboard and if the worst case comes my CPU may have died to.

But enough of my problems with computer hardware. Im here to tell you about current after i told you last time about voltage.
We remember:
Voltage is not real. It's just a unit. But current is real. Real enough to kill you if you get to much. Current has the unit Ampere and describes the flow of electrons through a medium.
Physic-basics 1:
- Electrons are negative loaded
- unequal loaded poles attract each other

So, now we understand why the current flows from the - pole to the + pole. To make each pole equal. Thats also the reason why batteries can be unloaded.
Technically the current flows from the - pole to the + pole but on all blueprints its from the + pole to the - pole. Thats because as the current was discorvered the "electricans" fucked some things up and made some rules which were false. After they had discovered their mistake it was to late and they said "wayne, lets keep it like this."

So if you lick at a 12V battery, your tonuge conects the + pole and the -pole. Theoreticaly your body has a resistance between your hand and your feet of 1000 Ohm. In the reality its way more (most times around 2.000.000 Ohm and more) but the people who had to work out safety-rules had to assume a worst case senario like you are standing in the rain, barefoot on wet earth and your skin is soggy that your body resistance is lowered.
So your tonuge is connecting the 2 poles and current can flow.
Lets calculate:
We want to know how much current flows. So we take the formula:
I (Ampere) = U (Voltage) / R (Resistance)
I = 12 V / 1000 Ohm
I = 12mA
So,  if you have no skin and would touch a 12 V battery, then you may already have problems to let the battery go.
Good to know:
The human body signals work with 0,000000000004 - 0,008 Ampere (wide range, i know but its good to not feel every signal your brain gives to your bodyparts) and your body withstands around 0,05 Ampere ( 50mA) before you are risking serious inner burnings.

Now you know about the risks with electronics. Next time:
resistance, frequenzy and some new formulas.
Bye :D

Freitag, 15. Juli 2011

Have to teach you something

ARGH, why did nobody told me i made a mistake in my earlier post about that burglar alarm thing??
Not a big mistake but the blinking one does the same as the one without the blinking. And with "the same" i mean it wont blink.
Stupid me.
But that told me i have to teach you now and then some electonic basics so you can find my mistakes ^^

Ok, first of all we will learn the differences between voltage, current and resistance.
 To prefend you from to much info i'll have to leave some info out that will be told later. but for now you just have to understand the basics

Voltage is the electric potencial difference between 2 points. For example:
if you look at a battery on which is written "1,2V". That means, that there is an electric potencial difference between the + pole and the - pole of 1,2V.
Voltage NEVER flows. Voltage is not a real thing that you could grab, feel or see. Its just a unit to describe the potencial difference between 2 points. I could punsh someone in the face when i hear him say something like "...and there are flowing 5V". Its like saying "Im swimming my car ".

On the biggest resistance stands the biggest voltage. That means if you put a fork into your power socket at home you will get an electric shock because you are the biggest resitor in the current circuit

Also there is alternate voltage which switches between 2 points of voltage and forms a signal like a sinus wave.
And there is direct voltage. It has the same voltage all the time. No changes.

 Without current, voltage and resistors we still would have to use smoke signals for communication but still so many people dont know where or why there is coming current out of the power socket or why their lamp goes on when they press on the "on"-button.

Well, next time you will read about current. See ya.

Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Old and epic

Hi there guys,

yesterday, as i browsed through my games folder i came across portal.
I couldnt restist to play it again. And then i remembered why this game was so awesome.
I went total nostalgic like "these good old days".... it was great.
But i never realized how short portal one was oO

Just after a few hours of playing and after a short break because i felt sick all of a sudden it was over.
But luckily i got portal 2 :D

All hail to the portal cannon ^^

As someone in the comments told me, he didnt know about portal i was... shocked! Man, you missed some serious great piece of gaminghistory there.
So the concept of portal to all who dont know it (still cant believe that there are existing living humans that dont know about portal):
You wake up in a futuristic bed and a mechanic voice tells you that you are a test subject that will have to go through some testrooms for science.
As you make your way through the rooms you get your hands on the portal gun. The portal gun can shoot 2 portals. 1 blue one and 1 orange one. If you go through the blue portal you get out of the orange one and the other way around.
With this knowledge and your brain you have to get through different rooms till the robotic voice trys to kill you with fire.
You escape, find a way behind the rooms and make your way through the labratory to find the person or whoever that wanted to kill you and to get to know why you where here.

Not much story in it but the way you have to get through each area changed the gaming scene and portal is one of those games every gamer should have played. Even if he doesnt like it

P.S.: sorry this was such a short post but i got work to do. An assload full of work :S

Montag, 11. Juli 2011

New Game and... well, whatever

Hiho again,

so i finally finished playing Okami and shed manly tears at the end. Damn, and i thought i would be tough. Epic ending and started to play it again right away because there are so damn many sidequests to finish.

But thats not really what i wanted to write about. So let me introduce you to.....

Everyone who knows this. FUCK YEAH!
Everyone who doesnt knows this and likes fighting games with well known nintendo characters. get it or spend the rest of your life wondering how it would be if you have bought it. ^^

So the story mode (yes, there is a story mode oO ) is rather.... stupid. At first you are fighting in an arena with kirby or mario against mario or kirby and then, out of nowhere comes a flying ship and drops dozens of bad minions that try to kill you. So you kill them, fight for your life, save some asses and while you are playing through the story mode you unlock new nintendo characters that are willing to fight.
But a game like this doesnt need a good story because it all is about this.
*Zack**peng**punch**kick**sword-slash**bomb throw* victory!
Singleplayer is fun for about 1-2 hours then its getting lame. But when you got friends, the real fun starts. With or against them you can fight computer enemys, try to unlock new archievements, unlock music which was played in other nintendo games, statues of any possible nintendo figure, stickers,... and so on.

Whats also new in brawl is the "brawl-symbol". Now and then a flying brawl symbol appears and flys through the map. When you get it you can do a "smash-attack" which gets you some kills almost every time you use them.

So, thats for today. Comment if you like it or not and see you again soon ^^

Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

electricity with Mekkor

Hi people who actually read this,

since i've got a little knowledge about electricity i'll give you here and there some instructions to build some cool things by your self :D

If you dont have any clue about electricity then PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND FOR YOUR OWN SECURITY try to learn and understand voltage, current and resistance before you try to work with them. In this little guide you cant really hurt yourself but its always better to know what you are doing instead of following the instructions of a random stranger from the internet.

Today we are going to build a burglar alarm for your door/window. I know you could buy a finished one but to build it is more fun.

So, what you need:

1x magnetic contactor (a contactor which closes the circuit when the magnetic contactor is interrupted)
1x relay (take a 5v relais) (1-2$)
a few LEDs (red ones and if you want to build a sign out of them then get enough) (1-2$ if you dont want to buy a few hundred)
1x capacitor (1 millifarad) (this is only if you want to let your sing blink) (maybe 20 cent)
1x resistor 100Ohm (only if you want to let your signal blink) (a few cents)
1x singal sound ( i took a 5V 80dB buzzer which is really noisy and will wake you up for sure)(1-2$)
1x power supply (we take a 5V power supply for our buzzer. Take an old mobile phone charger. i had one at home so i bought everything else just after this phone charger)

so, this blueprint is the one without the blinking

and now guess what blueprint this one is.... right, its the one with the blinking

Edit: this is the right blueprint for a blinking burglar alarm

I think i should tell you some tips for your LED sign:
working with LEDs is like working with a hammer. Its easy if you use it the right way. LEDs are poled which means you have to look how you put them in your circuit. Red LEDs need around 0,7 Volt to work. So lets say you got 10 red LEDs. That means we need 10x0.7Volt. But our voltage supply only got 5V. So we cant put them straight in a line. This image may help you because i dont really know how i should put that in words without writting a book about it.

the "trick" is to put some parallel to others.
You got an amount of LEDs that doenst get exactly 5V no matter in what combination with parallel and straight you group them? Use a resistor! "Which resistor" you ask? Add for every LED you use 2mA and then look what voltage is left. Use this formula to find it out. R (resistance) = U (Voltage) / I (current)
2V are left. You got 7 LEDs.
R = 2V / (7 x 2mA)
R= 2V / 0,014A ( | Note: (for all stupid people: 0,014A = 7 x 2mA)
R = 142 OHM

how the whole thing i just build works, you ask? Well its really easy.
If someone opens the door, window, whereever you put your magnetic contactor on, the contact in the mangetic contactor will no longer interrupt the circuit so the current can flow. Then the relay will get enough voltage and the contacts will contact so your choosen LED sign will light up and your buzzer will wake you up. Then you grab whatever you have for your selfdefense and fight for your live ^^

And now an explanation how the blinking thing works:

You see the condensator? Good. When the magnetic contact is closed the condensator has almost no resistance for the current. Then it charges itself after this formula:
t (time till it is theoretically fully charged (in the praxis a condensator is never 100% charged but after t it is 99,6% charged so that doesnt matter much)) = 5 x R (resitance) x C (capacity of the condensator)
So you can decide how fast or slow your burglar alarm should blink.
In my case it looks like that.
I've got my condensator (1mF) and the resistor in that case is the buzzer (ca. 150 Ohm).
That means t = 5 x 0,001F x 150 Ohm = 0,75 sec
That means your condensator is charged after 0,75sec and will break the circuit so no current can flow because when the condensator is charged its resistance is almost infinite and no current can glow. after that the condensator will discharge itself over the diode till  its resistance is low enough so the relaise gets enough voltage to work and everything starts again.
It will actually blink in shorter intervals because of the relay the condensator wont discharge completely.                                                                                                                         

I dont think that i should mention any self-security-tips when working with voltage and current. We are working with 5v so in the worst case you will hang onto 5mA and you can take 10 times more till it gets really dangerous.

I was to lazy and played a lot of LoL (there will be a article about that game) to build my burglar alarm but i'll do it in the next days and upload a pic.