Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Old and epic

Hi there guys,

yesterday, as i browsed through my games folder i came across portal.
I couldnt restist to play it again. And then i remembered why this game was so awesome.
I went total nostalgic like "these good old days".... it was great.
But i never realized how short portal one was oO

Just after a few hours of playing and after a short break because i felt sick all of a sudden it was over.
But luckily i got portal 2 :D

All hail to the portal cannon ^^

As someone in the comments told me, he didnt know about portal i was... shocked! Man, you missed some serious great piece of gaminghistory there.
So the concept of portal to all who dont know it (still cant believe that there are existing living humans that dont know about portal):
You wake up in a futuristic bed and a mechanic voice tells you that you are a test subject that will have to go through some testrooms for science.
As you make your way through the rooms you get your hands on the portal gun. The portal gun can shoot 2 portals. 1 blue one and 1 orange one. If you go through the blue portal you get out of the orange one and the other way around.
With this knowledge and your brain you have to get through different rooms till the robotic voice trys to kill you with fire.
You escape, find a way behind the rooms and make your way through the labratory to find the person or whoever that wanted to kill you and to get to know why you where here.

Not much story in it but the way you have to get through each area changed the gaming scene and portal is one of those games every gamer should have played. Even if he doesnt like it

P.S.: sorry this was such a short post but i got work to do. An assload full of work :S


  1. Mind to share a little more info about the game? might check it out if i like it.

  2. portal is a great game with a unique game concept
    Ireally need to buy portal 2

  3. Nice! Followed!

  4. I remember the first time I played Portal. One continuous run-through. You've got my follow.

    Check out my blog too! Cheers.

  5. greatness!
    +followed and clicked

  6. Portal is indeed an amazing game. It's incredible how much time you can spend just dicking around with the physics.

  7. oh Portal, one of the only games to have a squeal better then the original

  8. great game and interesting blog!

    followed :)

  9. I love portal,which reminds me i still need to finish the 2nd one.

  10. Never got around to playing either portal... guess i should...

  11. Portal is easily one of the beset games of our generation along with the entire orange box

  12. Portal... Such an amazingly boring and over rated game!

  13. portal should be a mandatory game one must play, along with original Donkey Kong, super mario bros., pac-man and a few others. this way people know where games came from, the progress they have made and the direction they were going for that time period.