Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

Games, fun & wasting time

Hi there,

So im basically going to write about any good game im playing.

Today i got captured by Okami (for Wii) and it is so goddamn adictive.
First of all the story:

100 years ago, a hero and a wolf-god saved the world from evilness and banished it within a sword. Now some idiot pulled the sword and released the evilness all over the world again. Reborn by a Tree Spirit, you have to save the world as a wolf named Amaterasu, goddess of the sun. But to your disadvantage you lost almost all your powers. So you have to save the world, regain your powers, banish those bad guys and find out where the evilness 100 years ago came from.

Thats a very short description but i dont want to tell you to much.

After playing it the whole day from morning till nighttime the story seemed to be endless. Maybe because i did a lot of sidequests. But the graphic is beautifull and to my suprise the controlling works really well. The only thing that gets on my nervs is the voices of the characters. Step on a puppy, record it and finish. Everyone in the game speaks like that. >.<

But that doesnt stopped me from playing it.

Everyone that ownes a Wii should buy this game if he/she enjoys beautifull art, a lot of quests, a interresting story and some good old fighting against bad, bad monsters.


  1. Never played it, but sounds good. I will google it and maybe give it a go. +1 follower :)

  2. the only games i have that i feel are worth the wii are twilight princess, brawl, and animal crossing. bonus goes to virtual console majoras mask.

  3. /b/ro! very nice post!!!

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  4. +followed and f5bombed;
    amaazing post

  5. sounds like a cool game, welcome to the blogosphere!