Montag, 11. Juli 2011

New Game and... well, whatever

Hiho again,

so i finally finished playing Okami and shed manly tears at the end. Damn, and i thought i would be tough. Epic ending and started to play it again right away because there are so damn many sidequests to finish.

But thats not really what i wanted to write about. So let me introduce you to.....

Everyone who knows this. FUCK YEAH!
Everyone who doesnt knows this and likes fighting games with well known nintendo characters. get it or spend the rest of your life wondering how it would be if you have bought it. ^^

So the story mode (yes, there is a story mode oO ) is rather.... stupid. At first you are fighting in an arena with kirby or mario against mario or kirby and then, out of nowhere comes a flying ship and drops dozens of bad minions that try to kill you. So you kill them, fight for your life, save some asses and while you are playing through the story mode you unlock new nintendo characters that are willing to fight.
But a game like this doesnt need a good story because it all is about this.
*Zack**peng**punch**kick**sword-slash**bomb throw* victory!
Singleplayer is fun for about 1-2 hours then its getting lame. But when you got friends, the real fun starts. With or against them you can fight computer enemys, try to unlock new archievements, unlock music which was played in other nintendo games, statues of any possible nintendo figure, stickers,... and so on.

Whats also new in brawl is the "brawl-symbol". Now and then a flying brawl symbol appears and flys through the map. When you get it you can do a "smash-attack" which gets you some kills almost every time you use them.

So, thats for today. Comment if you like it or not and see you again soon ^^


  1. Smash bros is easily one of the greatest games of all time.

  2. i remember spending night after night fighting my friends in this game!

  3. Spent so much time playing this game :D. Sadly there arenÄt many good games for the Wii console and i sold it last year..

  4. smash bros is awesome. i miss that game

  5. this game is so cool !!!spent a lot of time playing it with my friends

  6. there is a new smash bros. game in the works. brawl was awesome, and it opened the way for ssb4 to include more 3rd party characters.