Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

new post, new infos

Hi there,

so today i dont have that much time to write a post where you have to scroll 5mins to reach the bottom.
So im going to make that quick and finish the electronic basics.

The amount of how many times something happens in 1 second.
For Example:
Your heart beats, if you are relaxed, around 1 - 1.2 times per second.
To know the frequenzy you have to divide 1 through the seconds.
In my country (i dont know if this is everywhere in the world) the sinus wave of the voltage of my power socket has 50 Hertz.
Now we know that the sinus wave repeats itself 50 times each second.
To know how long 1 sinus wave takes, we have to calculate like this:
t (time in seconds) =  1 /  F (frequenzy in Hertz)
t = 1 / 50
t = 0.02 seconds (20milliseconds)

If you put your finger into the power socket, the current is not the worst that will happen to you. You may have some burnings but the frequenzy is way more dangerous.
Because the current is higher than your body signals, it will force your heart to beat 50 times each second!
Believe me when i say: You wont survive that for to long.

Now i maybe scared some of you guys off from current, voltage and resistance but thats just what i wanted. I think its better to first scare you before i will tell you what you can do with the knowledge you now have. (its not much but enough to do some things).
If i told you from the beginning "oh, its so great you should try that too. so easy, so fun." Some of you may have had hurt themselfs because they were to thoughtless.

Next time... dont know, you have to wait and hope it will be something interessting ^^
bye :D


  1. 50 times each second?
    Sounds bad. D:

  2. That shit is scary. I never knew that worked like that. FWIW the voltage here is 220v i dont know, i believe you are in the US so its twice yours. I dont know what to make of that, either if its good or bad or how related is that to Hertz though hahaha

  3. I always assumed it just electrocuted you, it makes your heart go 50 times as fast? That sounds way scarrier than getting zapped. But maybe that's because I know what it's like to almost have a heart attack, so...

  4. Hahahaha that is freaking scary man. I ain't playing with the sockets ever again xD

  5. thats nice! :D
    keep it up, looking forward to read more of ya

  6. nice info, I didn't know my heart beating frequency... till now :)

  7. interesting stuff! Thanks for posting

  8. hey I remember this from high school physics. good post.

  9. The maximum heart rate for a human is 220bpm - YOUR AGE. If it's any higher than that, you WILL have a heart attack.

  10. Wow, 50 times a second? Thats... like 3000 bpm... I can't even comprehend that speed >.<

  11. Time to insert that knife in the socket to test it.

  12. Hey this is some type of physics stuff, I remember this!

  13. i dont even understand the basics...

  14. awesome, simply brilliant.

    keep it up bro!