Freitag, 15. Juli 2011

Have to teach you something

ARGH, why did nobody told me i made a mistake in my earlier post about that burglar alarm thing??
Not a big mistake but the blinking one does the same as the one without the blinking. And with "the same" i mean it wont blink.
Stupid me.
But that told me i have to teach you now and then some electonic basics so you can find my mistakes ^^

Ok, first of all we will learn the differences between voltage, current and resistance.
 To prefend you from to much info i'll have to leave some info out that will be told later. but for now you just have to understand the basics

Voltage is the electric potencial difference between 2 points. For example:
if you look at a battery on which is written "1,2V". That means, that there is an electric potencial difference between the + pole and the - pole of 1,2V.
Voltage NEVER flows. Voltage is not a real thing that you could grab, feel or see. Its just a unit to describe the potencial difference between 2 points. I could punsh someone in the face when i hear him say something like "...and there are flowing 5V". Its like saying "Im swimming my car ".

On the biggest resistance stands the biggest voltage. That means if you put a fork into your power socket at home you will get an electric shock because you are the biggest resitor in the current circuit

Also there is alternate voltage which switches between 2 points of voltage and forms a signal like a sinus wave.
And there is direct voltage. It has the same voltage all the time. No changes.

 Without current, voltage and resistors we still would have to use smoke signals for communication but still so many people dont know where or why there is coming current out of the power socket or why their lamp goes on when they press on the "on"-button.

Well, next time you will read about current. See ya.


  1. That was interesting, i dont know where i'm supposed to use that info, but trust me i enjoyed learning it :)

  2. This is a great refresher on electricity. Haha it's certainly been a while...

  3. you learn something everyday!

  4. Ah... feels like high school electronics all over again...

  5. Great blog. Funny to think how most people dont know this stuff!


  6. i used to be an electrician's apprentice, all that voltage/current/etc. stuff is DAY ONE. still took me a while to get my head around it, but that sort of stuff can (literally) save your life (in Real World)

  7. The description of voltage was helpful for my. I always mixed it with currency, really embarrassing;)

  8. Nice, I was looking for some electrical-related stuff and so. Very clear description, currency, voltage and resistance. I remember that from schoolyears :) !