Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

League of Legends Champion suggestions - today: Veigar

Hi everyone,
wohooo, time for some League of Legends champions with my indispensable opinion.
Todays champion iiiiiiiiis:

Veigar, the tiny master of evil

Ok, Veigar is really tiny but dont undestimate him. He is a perfect counter mage for every tanky mage of the enemy team who succeeds with mass-stuns, great burst damage and the ability to increase his ability power to infinity.

But lets look at his skills first

passive skill - Equilibrium
for every missing 1% of his mana, Veigars mana regeneration increases for 0,75%

Q skill - baleful strike
Veigar fires a little, magic energy ball which damages the enemy. When Veigar kills a minion with baleful strike he gains permanent +1 ability power.

W skill - dark matter
Veigar marks a area with a little shadow on the ground. After a few seconds a dark energy ball falls from the sky and does massive damage on all enemys near the point of impact.

E skill - event horizont
Veigar marks an area where a magical fence comes up, stuning all enemys who touch it.

R skill (ultimate) - primordial burst
Veigar sends out a big ball of dark enegery which does huge magical damage + extra magical damage for an percental amount of the enemys ability power.

- can farm really well thanks to W skill
- Q skill at the right time gains extra ability power wich means more damage
- ultimate skill can kill an enemy caster with one strike
- E skill is great to land your W skill easier or to make a save retreat
- thanks to your passive skill, your mana problems are (with some help of some items) no problem for you

- dies easily because Veigar has not that much health
- when he cant farm, he cant gain extra ability power
- E skill only stuns enemys at the edge of the skill, not in the center
- thanks to your potencial damage output and your low health you will be one of the first targets in a teamfight

any last words? You can bet your life on that:
Veigar is really not easy to play and I see him rarely in any game. But his potential is really great when you use your stun combined with your W skill right to harras enemys. Your ultimate can one hit mages which makes you a really big problem for your enemys. Your mass stun is a feared skill in teamfights and the more you farm with your Q skill, the stronger you get.

Bye :D

Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

The end is near.... just like every day

Hi everyone,
I'm amazed how incredibly well this picture describes my amount of work for this week. All I did was going to 2 meetings and installing a few updates on some computers. When this goes on like this..... Maybe, one day I can just stay at home and get paid without someone noticing it.
The perfect job, so to speak.
This is hopefully just a phase and will go over soon.
Not that you missunderstand me. I love doing nothing and get paid for it but at some point it just gets boring. I mean, I'm not standing up every morning just to try to stay awake at a workplace where I have nothing to do.
Programming skills are slowly improving. I don't need any of the pdf-files my teacher gave me, where all basic commands are written down (well, most of the time).
I also made a coin tossing program. Nothing special in the first place but I also made a coin tossing program where you will win always in a 2-out-of-3 contest. You want it? Here  take it.
Back to work.... oh wait.

Bye :D

Freitag, 3. Februar 2012

strucked by lightning

Hi everyone,
yay, friday. I thought it would never come and now it's here. But my weekend is fully planned and I have not that much free-time that I would like to have.
League of Legends released new bots you can fight and then there is this cool, new champion I want to try. I also bought an add-on for Borderlands that I wanted to buy since it came out which needs to be played through. Yeah, time flows by so fast.
Maybe you want to know whats up with that title I wrote. I had actually 2 reasons for that:

Reason 1:
I get a lot of electric shocks at work. Not the bad kind but I charge myself on the chair or that stupid carpet and then when I grab a doorknob or touch a pc case *BRITZL* I get an electric shock.
Whoever thought that a carpet is a great idea in a company where you have to deal with a lot of ESD vulnerable components was a real idiot.
(ESD vulnerable components = electric static discharge vulnerable components that get totally destroyed or even worse, just a little damaged when you discharge yourself over such components)
Want to know why it is bad if a component is only slightly damaged instead of completly destroyed?
When a part is destroyed another part doesnt function in a specific way so it is easier to find the broken part end replace it.
But when one part actually works but not the way it should, causes many different problems which could be caused by other parts but you dont know it for sure so you have to search way longer for the problem than normal.

Reason 2:

Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

fat men walkin'

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to loose some weight. Well, if you think about it, Im trying to gain weight through loosing some first. Muslces are heavier than fat, you know.

I did a lot of sports a year ago. I played soccer 3 times a week. 2 training sessions and a game at the weekend. Thanks to that I didnt had to look at what I was eating. I ate everything unhealthy and it didnt matter.
But now, after over a year of sitting in front of my pc, playing games and still eating all that crap, I gained some fat rolls.
After my first soccer training (that was 4 weeks ago) I realized how hard my stamina dropped down over the last year. I was stuned how fast I couldnt run anymore and when I think back and remember that I could run 2 1/2 hours in training sessions with no real problems, I came to the conclusion that it cant go on like that.

So I grouped together with some friends, joined a local soccer club and started doing something. After finding Trainers Blog and stealing some ideas from there, I actually got some results after the first month.
Some results are just the ones I wanted:
- I lost some weight (not much but hey, its a result, right)
- I notice that my stamina is going up
- I feel more... refreshed, with more power for the day
- I sleep better at night (was actually not a real problem but I dont wake up at night anymore now)

and there are some results that may not be planned:
- I never felt so broke the day after my first training and my muscle ache lasted for 4 days (now it only lasts for one day)
- a friend has overstretched his bands on his right foot. At first it looked like a ligament rupture ( I had one myself when I was younger. NO fun, believe me) but it wasnt that bad in the end
- I overstretched my right foot a little and now its like small dragging pain every time I stretch it.

No gain without pain, right?

Bye :D

Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

I made it

Hi everyone,
latest status of my programing skills:
I canceled my gambling-program-project because I dont know how to sort multidimensional arrays without switching their value with each other.
You can imagine my problem like that:

You have 3 players and each player has a different value of points. Something like:
-Player 1 has 10 points
-Player 2 has 46 points
-Player 3 has 25 points

Now, it would be easy for me to sort it like this:
-Player 1 has 46 points
-Player 2 has 25 points
-Player 3 has 10 points

But I think you see why this is wrong. In that case, I would just sort the number of points but without looking at the player number. To add more problems, there arent always only 3 players. There can be up to 10 players.
So as long as I dont know how to deal with this problem, I have to do something else.

I also made another program which is already finished. Its a shell game (is that correct? shell game? oO).
You see 3 cups and in one of these cups is a balland you have to guess where.
You have 1 try to guess where the ball is by simply entering 1, 2 or 3. If you fail or win, you can choose if you want to try it again but then the ball is in an other cup (or maybe the same cup again... randomness all the way!).

I have found one or two bugs already. For example:
-When you get asked to type in if you want to try again and you type in "y" for yes and a number (for example "y3") then you choose to play another round AND have already choosen a cup.
-When you get asked to choose between 1, 2 or 3 and you insert a letter you get stuck in an infinite loop

Gonna try to sort them out.

you can find my program code -> here <-
I made a lot of comments in the program code so you can follow my thoughts in the program (more or less) and translated most of it into english. I didnt translate the names of the elements into english because thats not really necessary... at least not for the program code itself ;D
As a compiler I use Dev-C++, which is freeware and (for beginners like me) really good. Use my code if you want to =)

Bye :D

Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Heil to the cook! (again)

Hi everyone,
since Im not immortal (which is kinda a handicap sometimes) I have to eat once in a while and since Im such a goddamn good cook I had no idea what to eat nor to make.
But I have internet and I know that if you want to find something via google, you have to use google like the biggest retard that could possibly come to that site. Type your question word for word into the searchbar and be amazed that it is most likely the first link.
In the end, I ended up making this (no idea where I found this picture, soI just hope that Im allowed to post it)

I added a lot of salami, chili pepper, tabasco sauce, some tomato pieces and (of corse) more cheese.
It tasted awesome and the best part is:
this is the perfect meal when you get home drunk and need something to eat!

Next time Im gonna make some burgers. Lets see how that turns out :D


Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012


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