Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

League of Legends Champion suggestions - today: Veigar

Hi everyone,
wohooo, time for some League of Legends champions with my indispensable opinion.
Todays champion iiiiiiiiis:

Veigar, the tiny master of evil

Ok, Veigar is really tiny but dont undestimate him. He is a perfect counter mage for every tanky mage of the enemy team who succeeds with mass-stuns, great burst damage and the ability to increase his ability power to infinity.

But lets look at his skills first

passive skill - Equilibrium
for every missing 1% of his mana, Veigars mana regeneration increases for 0,75%

Q skill - baleful strike
Veigar fires a little, magic energy ball which damages the enemy. When Veigar kills a minion with baleful strike he gains permanent +1 ability power.

W skill - dark matter
Veigar marks a area with a little shadow on the ground. After a few seconds a dark energy ball falls from the sky and does massive damage on all enemys near the point of impact.

E skill - event horizont
Veigar marks an area where a magical fence comes up, stuning all enemys who touch it.

R skill (ultimate) - primordial burst
Veigar sends out a big ball of dark enegery which does huge magical damage + extra magical damage for an percental amount of the enemys ability power.

- can farm really well thanks to W skill
- Q skill at the right time gains extra ability power wich means more damage
- ultimate skill can kill an enemy caster with one strike
- E skill is great to land your W skill easier or to make a save retreat
- thanks to your passive skill, your mana problems are (with some help of some items) no problem for you

- dies easily because Veigar has not that much health
- when he cant farm, he cant gain extra ability power
- E skill only stuns enemys at the edge of the skill, not in the center
- thanks to your potencial damage output and your low health you will be one of the first targets in a teamfight

any last words? You can bet your life on that:
Veigar is really not easy to play and I see him rarely in any game. But his potential is really great when you use your stun combined with your W skill right to harras enemys. Your ultimate can one hit mages which makes you a really big problem for your enemys. Your mass stun is a feared skill in teamfights and the more you farm with your Q skill, the stronger you get.

Bye :D


  1. Nice blog, check out mine sometime, you're in my daily circle now.

  2. He seems like he takes a lot of skill to use