Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Heil to the cook! (again)

Hi everyone,
since Im not immortal (which is kinda a handicap sometimes) I have to eat once in a while and since Im such a goddamn good cook I had no idea what to eat nor to make.
But I have internet and I know that if you want to find something via google, you have to use google like the biggest retard that could possibly come to that site. Type your question word for word into the searchbar and be amazed that it is most likely the first link.
In the end, I ended up making this (no idea where I found this picture, soI just hope that Im allowed to post it)

I added a lot of salami, chili pepper, tabasco sauce, some tomato pieces and (of corse) more cheese.
It tasted awesome and the best part is:
this is the perfect meal when you get home drunk and need something to eat!

Next time Im gonna make some burgers. Lets see how that turns out :D



  1. This looks like it could be delicious.

  2. Ooh man, I just woke up and seeing this staff makes me even more hungry than I already am!!

  3. Those do actually look delicious.

  4. Being mortal kinda sucks, doesn't it? You have good taste though, your recipe sounds spicy and delicious. :) Following.

  5. this makes me think about epic meal time