Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

New year, new try, new motivation, new theme

Hi everybody,

you guys thought i was dead? Hell no! Well, maybe a little bit.
So many things have had happend since my last post.
I moved into my own appartment
I earn more money at work
I have 2 Axolotls (google it ;D )
aaaand its 2012!

So I'm making this blog like some kind of diary now. Posting whats new in my life and about the online game League of Legends.

Lets see how that comes out.

Thats it for now. See ya :)


  1. Good to see you back, and good to hear that life seems to be going pretty well for you.

  2. lol I will reward your efforts ;) Be sure to check out my blog and $upport me back! ;)

  3. hey there guess you got back in time to check my blog out too :) great post dude those axolotls are awesome eh ^_^ +follow