Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Heil to the cook!

Hi everyone,
sometimes I just amaze myself with these unbelievable skills of mine. This moment when the result goes beyond all expectations.
Yeah, self-praise stinks but damn, Im goooooooood.
Maybe I should do some explaining here. Ok, this is how it all happend:
Yesterday, after work, I came home and my roommate wasnt there. I found a note that she will come home later so it was my duty to make something eatable. At first I thought I could make noodles or fish or pancakes. But then the ultimative idea hit me in the face and sad "MAKE ME REAL!".
You wonder what idea I had? Heh, my story wouldn't be that interessting if I was going to tell you now so keep reading.
So I took all the ingredients out and started the first try. My first prototype tasted good but not perfect yet. I had to make it perfect so here is what I did.

1. take some cheese and rasp it into thin little pieces. I didn't had to do that since my roommate has lactose intolerance and we have this special industrial cheese which is already rasped in fine pieces.
2. take a small bowl and pour 2 eggs into it and stir them good.
3. take a second bowl and pour fine breadcrumbs into it
4. take some chili peppers and slice them into small pieces
5. put the sliced chili peppers into a bowl with the rasped cheese and mix it together.
6. Take some of this chili chesse mixture and form little nuggets out of it.
7. take a chili cheese ball and dip it into the eggs
8. take the egg covered chili cheese nugget and roll it in the breadcrumbs
9. repeat step 7. & 8. with the egg & breadcrumbs covered chili cheese nugget. Thanks to the second layer of egg and breadcrumbs your cheese will melt inside but your nugget is cross from the outside.
10. Take a pan and boil oil in it
11. fry those chili cheese nuggets (you can also deep fry them if you have the right restaurant equipment)
12. serve hot and enjoy

I may have overdone it with the spicyness of my chili cheese nuggets. I also added a lot of pepper and tabasco sauce so it was really hot and spicy.
My roomate couldnt eat them because she couldnt stand the spicyness until she scraped out the chili peppers.
But some spicy things now and then is good for your blood circulation.... I heard that somewhere, I have no idea if that is actually true.

Bye :D



  1. I love it when random little experiments like that work better than ever expected. Not too big on spicy things though.

  2. Sounds like you should exploded with that. Is there any photo of the creation?

  3. They sound appetising. By the way, one can make a deep fryer out of a normal pot.(I)
    Nice blog! Following!

  4. Good for blood circulation, and making an artificial sauna out of your body! HOT! Haha I'll give this a try, sounds yum -minus all the tabasco sauce, and pepers.. only a little bit of those.

  5. Man are you a WIZARD??!?! that sounds so TASTY how did you even think of that ?? must of been an angel whispering in your ear.

  6. They sound appetising!
    Perhaps prepare tomorrow.

  7. you´re like a goddess of food

    try it :D

  8. Woah sounds tastey man! Im def gonna be trying this one out!

  9. Chili -- the god of all recipes, I think.