Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

fat men walkin'

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to loose some weight. Well, if you think about it, Im trying to gain weight through loosing some first. Muslces are heavier than fat, you know.

I did a lot of sports a year ago. I played soccer 3 times a week. 2 training sessions and a game at the weekend. Thanks to that I didnt had to look at what I was eating. I ate everything unhealthy and it didnt matter.
But now, after over a year of sitting in front of my pc, playing games and still eating all that crap, I gained some fat rolls.
After my first soccer training (that was 4 weeks ago) I realized how hard my stamina dropped down over the last year. I was stuned how fast I couldnt run anymore and when I think back and remember that I could run 2 1/2 hours in training sessions with no real problems, I came to the conclusion that it cant go on like that.

So I grouped together with some friends, joined a local soccer club and started doing something. After finding Trainers Blog and stealing some ideas from there, I actually got some results after the first month.
Some results are just the ones I wanted:
- I lost some weight (not much but hey, its a result, right)
- I notice that my stamina is going up
- I feel more... refreshed, with more power for the day
- I sleep better at night (was actually not a real problem but I dont wake up at night anymore now)

and there are some results that may not be planned:
- I never felt so broke the day after my first training and my muscle ache lasted for 4 days (now it only lasts for one day)
- a friend has overstretched his bands on his right foot. At first it looked like a ligament rupture ( I had one myself when I was younger. NO fun, believe me) but it wasnt that bad in the end
- I overstretched my right foot a little and now its like small dragging pain every time I stretch it.

No gain without pain, right?

Bye :D


  1. Indeed, it's supposed to hurt a little! Hopefully it'll only make you more motivated. :D

  2. Well it sounds like it's going okay. Seems like you've turned some fat into muscle which would be why you haven't lost that much weight.

  3. Try not to break your collar bone! Unless not sleeping for weeks, and a month+ of non stop pain sounds appealing.

  4. Well hell, I guess I should start playing some sports than! Sounds like the benefits are exactly what I need! Good on ya!

  5. I want to do the same than you.

  6. Come train with me. We'll work until we cry!

  7. I'm going to train with you, I want to get back in to soccer this year. I've been out of it for the past 3 years and now I have some free time to fill in the summer