Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012


this comment is not aviable in your country due to laws and restrictions made by people you voted for.
If you want to read this comment, try the following options:
 - move to another country
 - get rich enough so you can do what you want
 - stand up for your goddamn rights and do something about it


  1. SOPA will affect pretty much every country actually. Wikipedia is hosted there, that really could be gone, which would affect everyone. Google too.

  2. hahahahaha you nearly got me there
    but we have to stop this BS

  3. Hopefully the internet remains vigilant, I'm sure they'll try to pass SOPA under a different name when everyone's forgotten about it.

  4. If they closed megaupload now, think what will happen with SOPA...

  5. I doubt this can last another hundred years. Sopa is just one of the pieces in the puzzle.

  6. oh damn, took me a while to get it