Freitag, 13. Januar 2012

League of Legends Champion suggestions - today: Dr. Mundo

Hi everyone,

since I play a lot League of Legends and I have nothing else to talk about, I'm going to talk about one champion of that game to introduce him to you.

Todays champion is:

Dr. Mundo - the madman of Zaun

Dr. Mundo is one hell of an annoying champion and I played him a lot when I started playing LoL.
He is a health regenerating tank fighter. He uses his own health to cast his spells so he doenst need any mana points.

But at first, lets look at his skills:

passive skill - adrenaline rush
adrenaline rush increases his health regeneration by 1% for every missing 1% of his total health.

Q skill - infected cleaver
Dr. Mundo throws a cleaver in a straight line. When the cleaver hits a target, it looses a certain percentage of the enemys current health (but the damage does not go under a certain amount of damage) and slow the target for a short time. When Dr. Mundo hits a target he gets half of the life back that he used to use the skill.

W skill - burning agony
Dr. Mundo looses a little amount of his health every second to damage nearby enemys around him and to reduce area of effect skills.

E skill - masochism
Dr. Mundo sacrifices some health to gain more attack damage + extra attack damage for every missing percent of his max health

R skill (ultimate) - sadism
Dr. Mundo sacrifices 20% of his current health to boost his health regen and movement speed for 12 seconds.

Well, now that we know what he can do, lets see what we can get out of that

- Dr. Mundo only uses health to cast skills so he doesnt relie on mana, only on cooldowns
- even as a tank, Dr. Mundo is annoying and hard to beat
- Dr. Mundos infected cleaver skill does percental damage so its always a constant and huge amount of damage especially against tanks with low magic ressistance.
- Dr. Mundos masochism skill grants at lv5 +80 attack damage which is a really great boost to do a large amount of damage even as a tank
- sadisms health regeneration and movement speed boost is really awesome and can be used to chase enemys, to tower dive or to get away
- sadisms health regen regenerates a huge amount of his total health and not a fixed amount so you will regenerate at any rate at least that much of your health
- he is an insane doctor

- you can avoid his cleaver pretty easily when you stand behind your minions
- walking in a curved line is a good way to avoid his cleaver skill if no other "sacrifices" are near to block his skill
- Dr. Mundo will always eat the enemys ignite skill when it comes to a fight
- when you barely survived a fight and try to get away, you may not have enough health to use skills to garantee your retreat
- mana items are useless for you so there is a smaller amount of potential items which you could buy and use
- Dr. Mundo is one of the oldest noob chars and drools all over the place ;D

some last words of mine:
Dr. Mundo is normally a fighter but thanks to his health eating skills and due to the fact that you will take damage in a game, its better to play him as a tank or at least an off-tank. Dr. Mundo is also a troll char because you spam your infected cleaver in every possible moment to hit the enemy and do the percental damage. his ultimate skill is also a great livesaver and can be used to lure enemys into a teamfight that you would loose without your ultimate skill.
Overall, the madman of Zaun is a fighting, endless healthbar that stands in front of his teammates while he throws cleavers into the faces of his enemys that most likely will curse you to be a noob.

Bye :D


  1. I don't play LoL but he sounds like a guy I would like.

  2. My cousin plays a lot of rpg's and every time I hear the abbreviations I can't help but "LOL"

  3. Most of my friends play lol, i think I will too play!

  4. I like the color scheme, this champ seems awesome.

  5. Cool man! keep up the good blogs! Now following!

  6. Good tips! I'll keep this in mind :)

  7. i'll be on that i think ^_^ /fistpump

  8. Sounds complicated. I still have much to learn.