Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Did you ever noticed that diary sounds almost like diarrhea

Hi everyone,

so today was one of those days i like the most. My door-bell woke me up at 2 p.m. and the mail man brought me a bunch of things i was waiting for for like 2 weeks. My credit card (my old one had a problem with its chip), my hookah, a filter pump for my aquarium which was really necessary, 2 arm cuffs made of black leather and a second hookah I ordered for a friend of mine.
After figuring out how the heck the filter pump works and then played LoL for good 3 hours (lost horribly most of my games. It was not my fault of course ;D ).

Then the hard life of living in my own apartment hit me in the face. I had to do dishes T.T
And I needed to go shopping because I was running dry on food and beer. I also realised that I dont need to work out when I keep drinking that much beer. Carrying 2x20 glass bottles of 0.5 liter beer each bottle at once with some food on top is hard work... or I'm just getting old ^^

Since this is the last night of my holiday, I have to go out and see what happens. Wish me luck ;D



  1. a hookah, huh? lol nice post! I will reward your efforts :) Check out my blog and be sure to $upport me back!

  2. I don't like diarrhea. D:

  3. Carrying beer is hard work. Drinking makes up for this though.

  4. haha or drink it on the way thus lightening your load with each step ^^