Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012

working hard or hardly working?

Hi everyone,
since my amount of work at work has slown down recently, I started to work on my C++ skills. Actually my skills are... well, I know the basics more or less and just fool around to kill the time.
I coded a random name generator where you can choose how long your name should be and how many names should get generated.
Sounds easy for everyone who knows C++. It acutally works now and I'm realizing that this would have been a work of 30min while I wasted several hours for that. Yes, Im so damn good. But pratice makes perfect and I need a lot more of it.

Any ideas what I could try to program now? Nothing to hard, Im still learning.....

Bye :D


  1. keep practicing
    and you will not notice and you will be a master of C + +
    good luck!

  2. You could code some many instructions that you can use in many programs in future.

  3. I'm still laerning C++ ;] but good luck :)following !

  4. You should upload your project to a pastebin site so we can play around with the code as well!

  5. Do a random number generator. I learned to make one of those but not a number generator.

  6. the extent of my programming knowledge was creating text based command and response programs. i took comp science 1 at community college and it was good to know but pretty boring and tedious

  7. way out of my league ^^ cant even sort my blog layouts lol