Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

League of Legends Champion suggestions - today: Cassiopeia

Hi everyone,

well, today is one of those days where I have absolutely no plan on what I should write about. When you remember my last post, I also told you I'll write about the game League of Legends when I'm to lazy/stupid to think of any other subject.

In that case I want to tell you about a certain champion each time I have this idea blocking state of mind.
For everyone that doesnt know about LoL.... just skip from here till the end of the post and comment something like "nice" or "cool" ;D

I think I start with my favourite champion:

Cassiopeia, the Serpent's Embrace

Cassiopeia is a ranged mage that poisons her opponens, can stun everyone in front of her and can spam her skills like no other champion.

Short  introducion into some of the shortcuts I use:

harras = throwing your skills at the enemy every few seconds
farmer = killing (a lot of) enemy mionions in a short time
Dot = Damage over time
aoe = area of effect
cc = croud control
feed = the champion gets a lot of kills so he gets a lot of money to buy better items (you see where this is going?)

Lets take a look at her skills:

passive skill - Deadly Cadence
after casting a spell, the following spell will cost 10% less mana. This goes upt to 50% less mana costs.

Q Skill - Noxious Blast
you cast a poisonous cloud at the location of your cursor and in a little area every enemy gets poisoned and damaged for 3 seconds. When you hit an enemy champion with that skill you get a temporary movement speed buff.

W Skill - Miasma
it looks like you vomit on the ground and cause a violett poudle of poison that damages and slows enemy units for a short time. The poudle also doubles in size over time and then fades away.

E Spell - Twin Fang 
 this is your main spell. You damage a nearby enemy instantly with this spell. When the enemy is poisoned and you hit him, the cooldown of this spell has only 0.5 seconds so you can cast it almost instantly again.

R Spell - Petrifying Gaze (ultimate)Your ultimate is an allround skill. You can interrupt enemys while casting, prefend enemys from getting away or you can use it to save your ass. When you cast it, every enemy in front of you gets a lot of damage and if he faces you, he gets stuned for 2 seconds.

Now some pros and cons about cassiopeia:

-awesome mid lane champ
-great harraser
-great farmer
-one of the strongest early/mid game champs
-has 2 skills to scout into bushes
-has 2 skills to poison the enemy
-can spam her E spell every 0.5seconds! when the enemy is poisoned
-has an aoe stun skill
-3 out of 4 skills are aoe effects so you can deal with multiple enemys at a time
-her passive allows you to spam her skills
-she is half snake, half woman

- once silenced she cant do anything (like every mage)
- slow movement speed
- low health compared to other mage champions
-when the enemy is not poisoned, your E spell is not that effective
-when your enemy doesnt face you while you use your ultimate, he is only slowed
-weak in end game when not feeded
-some cc in your face and you are dead
-when the enemy harrases you, you have big problems to survive thanks to your slow movement and low life

Last word because I wont post a guide to play her in here:
What I personally really like about cassiopeia is her ingame history. When she first came out, a lot of people bought her because her preview video looked awesome but they failed hard and called her totally useless because they where to stupid to play her.
Since then, every time riot changes something about her, its a benefit for her and still you dont see her much in any game.
She only got buffed and since the last time she was included in a patch its even easier to play her. I also like how often I get underestimated by other players and then totally kick their sorry asses because with only 2 items you can compare almost every negative side of her. You are also one of the strongest mid lane champs, she can farm like crazy thanks to her aoe skills and her ultimate is such a pain in the ass for the enemy team in a team fight.

Next time I wont talk about LoL... maybe

Bye :D


  1. Nice. Cool. Kidding, but not playing LoL I wouldn't get a great deal from this post, unless I was to consider playing.

  2. I play Tryn all day erryday (and suck ass too)

  3. man for LoL I really wish we had a Nevermore like charecter from DoTA

  4. I would have to say the pro's of cassiopeia definitely outway the con's.

  5. I haven't even played this game; but I'd like to. :D

  6. normally that kind of characters is what I like more, dots and CC's, control and slowly but consistent damage is funnier for me than just direct attacks, dunno why, it's like you always need an strategy to fight

  7. She's frequently played because people don't like her ult lol. They were expecting something like "HURR I ULT SO YOU ALL GET STUNNED AND WILL DIE BECAUSE I ULTIED"

  8. You had me at half snake half woman!

  9. Seems interesting, never played it though.

  10. I lurve this game. I still suck though.

  11. Caitlyn is a AD Carry champion, She is one of the lot of ranges champions who have an good default attack damage score. She can slow, stun and his ulti cannot fail (only if u shot a another ennemy champion.