Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2011

the daily routine

Hi everyone,

did you notice that I start almost every post of mine with that "hi everyone"? Somehow I just cant start a post without saying hello, hi or welcome. But only saying "hello" seems a little short to me. With "hi everyone" I welcome everyone who looks at my post and its also longer than a simple "hello". Crazy shit....

Anyway, if you followed my blog for some time, you might have read that post
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and as you can assume from that post, I love playing League of Legends. And since my day looks kinda like this:

-waking up
-coming back home
-eat + small talk with family
-playing League of Legends for the rest of the day

I decided to talk about that game a little more. Dont worry, it will be just a post here and there if Im to lazy to think of something better. ^^

For everyone that doenst know that game, I advice to read some reviews about that game (not only mine. I love that game so my review will tell you only good things ;P), take a look and give it a try. Its free-to-play so the only thing you will waste is your time. Its also one of those rare free-to-play games where you really, really dont have to pay anything to be a good player.
If you dont know what Im talking about:
Almost every free-to-play game finances itself with items that you can buy online for that game. With those items you bought, you have a big advantage towards other players. And in most of those games you cant be a good player if you dont spend money for the game. The game forces you to buy the stuff so you can become better or else you will have big problems. It would be possible to make your way without said items but thats really hard. I wont say any game names.

Sure you can spend your money on League of Legends if you want to but the only thing you can buy are:
- extra skins so your champion looks different
- extra rune pages but you already got 2 from the beginnning and can buy extra pages with ingame money (IP-points) you earn for each game you complete
- new champions but every week there are 10 free to play champions and you can buy any champion with ingame money you earn for each game you complete. If you bought a champion he will be permanently unlocked. Also every newly released champion is free to play after 2 weeks for one week so you dont have to buy him if you can wait a little.

I'll upload some screenshot from games im proud of or where i just lost horribly ^^
Different subject:
Some of you adviced me to use gimp to make gifs. Someone also said I should upload the video but its not a video (maybe i should have said that). I just want to show some pictures in a row and dont want to make the post even bigger as it already gets. Now I only have to figure out, how to make gifs with gimp ^^

Bye :D


  1. LoL remains a game I'm slightly interested in, but won't play because I don't know if I can make it through the initial suck period.

  2. haha i like to welcome everyone too when i post, sometimes i dont but it feels odd if i dont. i dont have a computer thats capable of playing LoL but i did play a lot of Dota back in the day.

  3. Hahaha same as me! I almost have the word "ANYWAYS" on my posts. League of legends is fun but sometimes very frustrating because you can easily tell how the meta is working. mostly no comebacks at all. and just use youtube tutorials on gimp on how to make GIFs out of it.

  4. My daily routine was like yours the past winter :/

  5. I like your daily schedule! You have time to do a little bit of everything.

  6. LoL is top of my 'games to play when I have free time' list. Can't wait until I can actually have some free time...