Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

If you're a father and did nothing, clap your hands

Hi everyone,

Big news incoming! I am a father now! Yes, its true. Im so happy right now, I cant describe it :D

Everything has gone so fast, I couldn't really realize it. I remeber it as if it would have happend yesterday when I went with my female flatmate shopping for our new apartment stuff and now *PENG* suddenly we both hold our beautiful little girl in our hands.

 At current time, we cant go in our future apartment because the previous tenant has some problems moving out so our girl has to wait for like 2 weeks in my friends barn but I think she's ok with that. At night it might get down to 5°C but Im sure she can take it.

Her name is Katja and even through she is newly born, she is already 65cm big ( =25,6 inches) and weighs around 50kg ( =100 lbs). She has white skin, no hairs (well she is newly born), the eyes of her mother and.... I cant describe her beauty so just have a look at this picture of her :D

Isnt she beautiful? Man, that was a torture to get that baby into the van. (somehow this sounds pedophil......)
Finding the right name for her was also a rather uncommon situation.
Me and my flatmate where sitting at the McDonalds after we finally got her and thought about a good name for her. After several proposals that didnt really fit her apperiance, I had the perfect plan. I just asked a little girl, who sat right next to us what her name is and *PENG* we've got a name for our baby.

If you didnt look at the picture of her and calling the police right now.... Lets just say that this might be an amusing situation you are going to have.

Bye :D


  1. I can't imagine what it was like giving birth to it..

    also fuck those popups.

  2. God damn you really had me going there.

  3. LOL I thought you meant "she" is a person but She is a washing machine?

  4. I was gonna say "WElcome to hell" until i saw it was a washer

  5. So is your wife a washing machine as well?

  6. Catja looks better than my Olga.

  7. lolol :) supporting your blog bro

  8. lol, there's a similar song over there talking about she, and she is a beer at the end xD