Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

League of Legends Champion suggestions - today: Nasus

Hi everyone,

yeah, its that time again. Its Wednesday and my motivation is so low that my creativity went on a short holiday for 2 days. Lets hope that i still remember how to drive my car, or at least be motivated enough to drive home. There are more things that would need my motivation to get home from work but im not motivated enough to think about those things now. I'll do it later... maybe.

Anyway, today I'll introduce another champion from the free-to-play MMO League of Legends to you.

Todays Champion is:

Nasus, The Curator of the Sands

Nasus is a tanky melee Champion who can theoretically do infinite normal damage with only one attack and is an exellent counterpick for attack speed based carrys.

Lets get right to his skills

passive skill - Soul Eater:
Soul Eater gives you a passive life steal ability to all your normal attacks. The lifesteal reaches it maximum at lv11 which is 20% of your normal damage. 

Q Skill - Siphoning Strike:
When you activated the skill, your next basic attack will do bonus damage to the enemy. When you kill something with ityou get +3 bonus damage. More last hits = more bonus damage

W Skill - Wither:
You can cast this on an enemy to slow his movement speed and attack speed for a short time. This skill is the strongest slow in the whole game.

E Skill - Spirit Fire:
It creates an area where all enemys get damage over time and their normal & magic resistance is decreased.

R Skill (Ultimate) - Fury of the Sands:
Nasus gets bonus health, gains procentual more damage based on the enemys health and deals nearby enemys magic damage also based on their health.

Now to some pros and cons of nasus:

- when he can farm his q Skill a lot, he is an incrdible strong melee champion.
- theoretically there is no limit for the bonus damage on his Q Skill so he can theoretically pump it up to infinity
-Nasus needs almost no damage items and can get a lot of tanky items and still does a ton of damage
-thanks to his W skill the opponent carry, who is most likely a damage dealer that needs attack speed, is rather useless in a team fight.
-His Ultimate can be used to gain temporally some health to survive an attack or to damage nearby enemys in a team fight
-thanls to some previous patches he can now jungle, too

-when he couldnt farm his Q Skill, he is rather weak
-He is a melee champion and can only slow one champion so he cant escape a teamfight so easily
-at the beginning he is an easy target for harrasing and if he cant heal hisself through attacks he is rather useless
- no mana is the death for nasus on the long term because he cant last hit minions with his Q Spell and so he gets no permanent bonus damage

Some last words of mine:
Nasus is a good allround champion. Thanks to his Q Spell combined with some items, he is most likely best on a solo lane to farm minions with his Q Spell. He is a late game champion so you should hold back at first a little. Nasus also needs no damage items so you can go on survivability. With that he is, after some farm, almost unbeatable in a 1on1 fight and a great damage dealer in a team fight.
When you have the pleasure to play against him, i would recomment to buy something like "Thornmail" and some health items if you think you cant survive against him long enough.

Thats it for now

Bye :D


  1. I like his Q skill better than his W skill.

  2. I love lol! This blog post is great. I've been reading your blog posts regularly and I think they're great! Keep up the excellent work! Followed!

  3. I didnt know LoL was free to play, I might give it a try now

  4. I know very little about any of these overhead action games, thanks for making me a little wiser!

  5. I personally hate nasus when im playing against him because he is too tanky yet deals millions of damage

  6. I sucked as Nasus, but then again, I'm a fuckin' pub to the max

  7. I WAS MAC BETA :( :( :(