Sonntag, 14. August 2011

Even More games & more fun

Hi everyone,

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(believe me when i say: dont use google translate for that. Its like asking a 2 year old baby what that could mean)

Anyway, todays game review is about:

League of Legends

League of Legends is a free online action strategy game with RPG elements.
Basically its like this: two teams of each 5 players, try to destroy an enemy building (the Nexus) to win the game. Therefore each player chooses 1 champion and battles with his 4 team members the enemy team. Each Nexus sends every few seconds a few computer controlled units out to attack the enemy. On the way to the Nexus there are standing towers, which will attack every enemy in their range. So, you have to destroy the towers to reach the Nexus which you have to destroy to win the game and at the same time you have to defend your towers to defend your nexus to not loosing the game.

Pros of the game:
-very addictive
-every game is different even with the same players and the same champions
-over 80+ champions to choose from (at the moment 81 champions but every 2-3 weeks there comes out a new one)
-its a teamwork based game, you wont win if you wont play with your team (teamwork > skill)
-a good beginner guide for newbies
-good support for a free game with millions of players
-a game takes 20mins up to more than a hour (so a game wont take that long if you have other stuff to do)
-you can use runes to improve your stats before a game (minimal status improvements but it can make a big difference)
-through winning (or loosing) a game, you get IP-Points which can be used to buy runes, rune sites or new champions
-you will get enemys who have (more or less) the same skills as you have so the game is balanced
-every week there are 10 other champions free to pick so you can try out different champions without buying them
-you can report players after a game for different reasons and can vote online if other reported players should get a ban

Cons of the game:
-the first minutes are (mostly) the same in every game
-the game is all about teamwork so a single idiot can ruin your game
-there are one-man-army-champions which you dont need any skill for them so those can be annoying to play against
-at first you dont have much champions to choose from
-earning IP-points is hard at first
-servers are unstable sometimes

The game is very addicitve, its free to play and the support is pretty good (im used to really shitty support from other free-to-play games). Every game is a new experience and a lot of wins doesnt mean you are a good player. There are tons of champions to choose from (80+ like i said before) and each champions is different to play and can be played in different styles. A good team set up is the first step to victory at the beginning, so speak with your team what is needed or choose your favorite champion fast enough ;D

Beside playing against other players, you can choose if you want to play with other players against 5 computer champions or with computer controlled champions against computer controlled champions. This is a good way to test out new strategies, new play styles or new champions.

If you like those kind of games, give it a try. The support is good, it never gets boring and playing with friends over TeamSpeak is even more fun =)

Bye :D


  1. A few friends have talked about LoL but I've not played it. I'll take a look I guess.

  2. Never played it. But it has a great name, lol! :D

  3. I've never been a big moba fan

  4. That game is really awesome! Your list of cons is pretty accurate, but its also missing "you will lose significant portions of your day playing this."

  5. Never played it, but sounds nice!

  6. I have never played this before. A friend of mine always tells me it's great.

  7. I prefer it over Heroes of Newearth, for sure.

  8. Never liked them LoL reviews. Probably because i've never liked LoL

  9. Yea, they have beginning guides that are good. :D Cheers!

  10. lol Micheal. LoL is one of those games everyone but me seems to play, but now I know I'm not the only one. I sucked majorly at PVP on games that have it, I'm probably going to suck at a game like LoL, no matter how much I get tempted to play it, my lack of wanting to get my ass kicked 24/7 stops me.

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  12. I've read a lot of good things about that game, sadly im not much of an rpg's fan.

  13. MOBA: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

  14. I've heard a lot of good things about this game but I simply don't have time to play it.

  15. not my kinda game, but thanks anyways

  16. A good game. Not bad in my opinion. The support is superb the Community is meh. Since it's 60% filled with whiners who are spoiled by the support's good service. LoL is an easier version of DoTA. HoN is a copy of DoTA. So I see no trouble for them when DoTA 2 arrives.

  17. Good review, I really liked the fact you did pros and cons!! I wish more reviewers did that!

  18. LoL is pretty addicting... don't remind me -_-

    Also... I'm today's walmart giftcard winner >_<