Freitag, 12. August 2011

More games, more fun and some cuteness

Hi everyone,

I had no time changing the banner of my blog, probably because im just to lazy and coulndt stop playing LoL. I'll do it tomorrow... maybe.

Do you know these days where you could write like 100 blog posts but you have to decide which one you should take? Well, i had one but its not today so i was sitting in front of my laptop for like 30 minutes till i had the final idea for my post today. I also have to write some post ideas down so this wont happen again.

Todays game is:

Animal Crossing

When i have seen the game for the first time, i thought "omg, if I should ever be stupid enough to play that game, i'll die on an overdose of cuteness.". I think a part of me died as I played it but it was a weak part so I'm stronger now ^^
Well, what is "Animal Crossing" about?
You just moved out of your parents house and talk to a turtle (yes, a turtle. You are the only human you will ever meet in that game) while driving down a road about where you want to go, what your name is and some other random stuff. Then you arrive at the city but you realize very fast that you have not enough money to buy a house directly. But the local salesman (a racoon) offers you one house of your choice to move in and you have to pay a dept.
With that you try to make money with fishing, collecting fruits, helping the villagers etc. to pay of your dept, to buy new clothes, furniture for your house or to upgrade your house so you have more space in it.
But the game is not all about making money. Its like your own little live. You choose how your house looks, what furniture you have or what kind of name your town has. The game syncronachises itself with your console clock and so the daytime-nighttime cyclus starts. Shops only open between daytime and in the night there are stars at the sky. You can go fishing, hunt bugs and search for fossils which can be sold or you donate them to your local museum.

Its all very cute but also somehow addictive. At first you cant make much. You have to get money to buy new items like a shovel or an fishing rod. You can help the villagers with their problems, talk to them and even play with them little games like "hide and seek".

I first played that game on the GameCube. It was like a drug. I played it over a year, almost every single day. Because if you show a little enthusiasm and have the goal to make your town perfect, you have to come every day to catch new bugs, new fishes, remove weed, plant flowers, recieve and get mails, join festivals...
After i made my town just perfect and got almost everything it was boring. Then "Animal Crossing" came out for the Nintendo DS, witch was (who had guessed that) totally the same just with more of everything. I played it for like half a year.
The latest "Animal Crossing" is for the Wii and after a month i had enough of it. After a while, its just the same old routine you do every day and nothing really new happens.

Yes, everyone talks like "blablablablablablabla" which is kinda funny at first but annoying at the end.

Give it a try if you have some money left because its worth it if you like those games.
If you start a new game in Animal Crossing, look at the map as soon as you can and look if you like the design of your town. If not, restart the game and make a new town. The towns are made randomly but every town has the same buildings. Once you played in your town for a while and realize the bridges over the river are placed bad or you have to walk miles to reach from point A to point B its a waste if you would start a new town.

Bye :D


  1. Nice post, have a nice day!

  2. Im as childish as i could be, so i find it entertaining hahahah

  3. Solid post and cool blog, I'll be following

  4. Animal crossing is rad, haters need to back off!

  5. I played Animal Crossing for the DS... I couldn't put it down for the longest time -_-

  6. This seems like the kind of game I'd wanna play after playing some violent game!

  7. Yeah, Wii games are dumb. Xbox 360 FTW! :D

  8. Animal Crossing... ate up so much of my time!

  9. Sometimes I have trouble deciding which article to post too! Animal Crossing is a pretty cool game, I like the daily aspects of it, and the blahblahblahblah talking!

  10. Oh, I don't believe I'll be playing this. :D

  11. Thanks for the tip! I am going t borrow a copy from a friend and try it out!

  12. Animal Crossing is sickening amounts of cute; I had to 'lose' my DS to stop playing it hahahaha.


  13. I love the animal crossing game "]