Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

IM MELTING (also more infos about some things)

Hi everyone,

it is so goddamn hot here, im sweating out of every pore i got, my t-shirts feel like someone threw a bucket full of water over my back, my forehead is shining in the sun because of all that sweat  and my room is like a giant sauna.
I thought summer was already over because July was cold as fuck and now, in the end of August its getting hot and muggy all of a sudden. I also got to work in a company that probably never heard of "air conditioning" so im sweating like a pig in there, too. But it has a good side effect: Im drinking a lot of water (3-4 liter each day) which is healthy (or at least i heard it is healthy).

I also got bad news... actually they are good news. Well, depends on how you look at it.
Im going on a holiday trip for 2 weeks and it starts this Saturday :D
Good news for me, bad news for you because i have absolutely no idea if i get some internet where im going to spend my precious free time.
But Im sure there will be a Interent Cafe somewhere so im informing you with everything that will happen.

I also didnt forgot about that "automatic drawer" i wanted to show you. I have it already written down but I dont like some parts of my describtion and I have to make a animated picture to show you how it works in the end.
Anyone of you knows a good (and free) programm to make a animated picture (.gif)?

Bye :D


  1. You are right, bad for us but good for you. Where are you going? Enjoy your trip sir!

  2. I agree. it is uncomfortably hot and i am planning a a little vacation as well. i hope you have a good time

  3. Try not to melt too much now, and while on holiday, and have a good time away too!

  4. It is very hot here, too. Today the temperature was 46°C.

  5. Yeah, it's damn hot here as well :P

  6. Stay cool!! stick your head in a freezer for a couple minutes if it gets too bad :p

  7. Its the end of september? Time travel!

  8. Maybe you should build your own AC! There are a few designs floating around the web out there that can be cobbled together quite cheaply

  9. Have a nice holiday then.
    You can create a gif animations with Gimp.