Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

sweet, sweet sleep =)

Hi everyone,

after sleeping for 13 hours, I overslept and came 4 hours late for work.... My own fault, i guess.

But now to something comepletely different.

Im going to move out of "hotel mother". Yes, i'm going to search for a apartment.
Any good tips on what i have to look or what i should ask before i sign a contract?

Bye :D


  1. You were living in your mom? Cool!
    If your in an appartment looking around talk to other tenants and ask them how good the appartment manager is.

  2. Sleep, like most things deemed necessary, is completely overrated. Good luck finding a place though.

  3. Sleep is what I need now. D:

  4. Keep sleeping bro!
    Come check me out =)

  5. I wish you find a good appartment, Goodpost and + follow

  6. Make sure it doesn't have dead people in its walls