Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

just a (simple) question

Hi everyone,

Let me ask you this:
Do you think you are smart, clever, talented and/or intelligent?
I've been told from a few former teachers I'm a very clever boy. I could be anything I want. Maybe that was a bad idea to tell me something like this. Through that, I always think that I know that I could do better if I wanted to but at that moment I'm was to lazy.
Every time when I ask myself this question, I think back when my teachers stood before me, handed me my test results over and told me I could do better and in the next test I did without any effort.
This showed me, that I have the "abillity" to learn without doing anything but just sitting there and listen. I never learned at home. I barely did my homework. I never knew when we where going to write a test. But in the end, I managed to get a good grade, or at least, not a bad grade.
This let me think Im clever...
But school is long ago. I didnt wrote tests for a long time. I didnt listen to teachers that explain new things to me for a long time. I didnt pratice any of the old stuff I learned once. Instead i played computer games or I've been just lazy and wasted my time.
How can I still say that Im intelligent, that I still have this "abillity" to learn anything I want, without any proof?

...I dont want to be stupid so Im just going to believe that im still as talented as in the past. For the well-being of my conscience.

(sorry for that, but sometimes I have the urge to write about things like this to get it out of my mind. Next time it will be something more.... stupid ^^ )


  1. I think I'm more clever than intelligent, I see a difference. When I was at school I never did any homework, I never revised for tests, and the teachers always told me how smart I was and I always passed with good scores. Had I revised, I believe I would have gotten A's or B's. I did better than my brother though. I think when a teacher tells you things like this, it has the potential to actually ruin your potential, you become content. This is what happened to my brother. He had the brains to do whatever he wanted, and so he did nothing. My friend on the other hand was constantly being put down by teachers, now she's one of the smartest and most educated people I know. I do know though that I'm not as smart I used to be, I never practice anything I learnt, and over time the knowledge seems to have faded. I still have a good sense of logic though.

  2. I used to think I'm all of the above. But now, I just don't know.
    It seems to me that I had all this potential but never lived up to it. :S

  3. I don't know, bit I do think I'm open minded.

  4. I always had bad grades. I was dying from boredom in the school every day and there is no way I could pay attention while fighting not to fall asleep at the same time.

    I don't think being able to learn stuff that someone else already invented and than repeating it and getting good grades for it is a proof of intellect. You prove that by creating something of your own, so the less "gifted" will have to waste their lifes in class while learning about your invention. :)

  5. I think I have more logic/wisdom, not overall smartness like math and such. But as far as advice and life lessons go and experience, I know that stuff well.
    Check out my blog sometime!

  6. That is just an ability, that you should most likely still have. But being intelligent depends on many factors, in wich your your ability would have helped if you actually wanted to.

  7. I was the same as you, I got back in to learning and everything became simple and easy again.

  8. I know it's not what you want to hear but… uhm… do, something? If you want to feel good about your capabilities again you have to do something!

  9. I kind of always feel that, clever at least. from time to time. I kind of still think I'm better than everyone else (on public places and with people I don't know.) but I'm little by little trying to overestimate my self and go for lower standards. Probably why I still don't have a girlfriend since my last because I'm looking for the "perfect one". I'am learning how to be more down to earth while I talk to my self. But I honestly think that I still am better than everyone else lol. and now that I think about it, Mark and I are exactly only one person. WHY MARK WHY. DO YOU ONLY SUMMON OUT OF MY BODY WHEN I AM ASLEEP? lol see ya.