Sonntag, 11. September 2011

Im still alive

Hi everyone,

I know you missed me but like i said, i was on a holiday trip. I went to Hungary for 2 weeks and i have to say it was amazing.
Well, i couldnt understand one word, the money (Forint) made me rage a few times because you have the pocket full of this giant coins and bank notes but this is only a few dollar worth and i went there when almost all the shop had closed because i didnt go in main sesion.
But the weather was awesome, the beer was cold and the house me and my friends lived in was just perfect.
But believe me, I'll never ever go on a holiday trip by car again. 11 hours of driving is not cool. Next time im going to fly.

So.... im back, im refreshed, i got an assload full of work before me and got nothing to do. Perfect :)

See ya guys :D


  1. I find it bad to go on holiday in a car on a journey that's going to take 3 hours, couldn't imagine being stuck in one for 11. It's good that some things went great even if some things didn't :)

  2. good to have you back. i know what you mean about long drives. moving from kentucky to florida was 16 hours. and we didnt stop. got up at 6 in the morning and went until 10 that night. never gonna do that again.

  3. Hungary is beautiful but a trip for 11 hours by car should be a torture! :P