Freitag, 16. September 2011

sleeping is sooo important

Hi everyone,

a lot of sleep is very usefull, you know?

While sleeping you produce more white blood corpuscles, that means your wounds heal faster.
While sleeping your brain repeats what you have done today and sorts usless information out.
While sleeping you dream up to 7 times in the night but you barely remember some of those because your brain thinks that this information is useless and sorts it out.
While sleeping you regenerate energy so you feel refreshed when you wake up.

When you force yourself to stay awake,  you have big problems to remember new learned things.
When you force yourself to stay awake, your eye-lids get heavy so your body forces you to close your eyes.Through that it gets dark so your brain thinks its night so it sends out some stuff that makes you feel even sleepier.
When you force yourself to stay awake, your body starts to ich. With that your body tells you, that he is no longer capable of recorgnizing if you really have to scratch that spot or not.

With that said, im going to sleep now

Bye :D


  1. I knew all this stuff already but in my life I have met so many people who did not know this it always supprises me!

  2. I dispute the claim that sleep gives me energy.

  3. My brain is working against me D:

  4. I need pills to help me sleep. D:

  5. well im tired now, but to stubborn so im gonna stay awake

  6. I try to get into bed at 9:30-10. I wake up at 6:30. My girlfriend doesn't let me go to bed early anymore. :P

    Follow back, I delivar!