Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

Anti-technic-skill: activated!

hi everyone,

Fuck, i broke my camera. Well, i think my camera broke itself but it is definitely not working anymore.
When i wanted to take a picture, the screen went black, it made a sound like it's shutting down but the objective didnt move back in.
Now i have a black screen, a zooooomed out objective and a camera that doesnt do anything no matter what i try.
Damn, now i have to get a new one....  :/


  1. It just broke ?
    Like that ?? LOL good luck with that :P

    def +follow
    (much love from if you're interested !)

  2. haha this seemed funny "]. Well that sucks though!

  3. My main camera doesn't power on anymore. It needs super batteries just to take a picture. Oh well I still have my cell phone :(

  4. Try to hit it.. that always works.

  5. I'd talk to an expert on this one before I bought another, or look for a warranty. & c'mon man, /b/logger circle of life ;)

  6. Take a look with a pro before you do anything too rash, might be some idiotsolution (been there!)

  7. Got to love the life expectancy on electronics these days.

  8. I really sorry

    I hope you can fix it.
    keep posting.

  9. Gotta hate it when expensive items break themselves =P